“Pursue God,Not Men” – Apostle Orokpo Michael

Apostle Orokpo Michael
Apostle Orokpo Michael

It is very Easy to get to know a man, it is very easy to get familiar with the Ministry of a Man and When you Listen to that Man, you can literally tell Everything He will do and can do, you know when He is on ground floor, you know when His Soul ascends, You Know when He enters into the Spirit.

You can Master the operation of the Spirit of God in the Soul of a man , but Most times we suffer Gross Scarcity in the knowledge of Jesus.
Do you not wonder How the Men you know and Everything about them vanishes from your mind the moment you are in trouble, the Only thing that will stay, the only thing that will work you through darkness is the amount of God you have apprehended in your Soul.

No matter How Influential a Man is, No matter how beautiful the Anointing of God is on the life of a Man, He is still a Man. That’s why they are called Men of God and not God of Men.

When we look around us, Many people following Many people, they celebrate them so much until they become superstars but we check our lives, we have followed Men for years and there is no difference.
Most of us don’t know God, we know Men, so we pursue them from place to place, State to State, territories to Territories, Nation to Nation.

We have not taken time to Appraise ourselves. Apostle Paul says Examine yourself to see whether ye be in the faith, whether Christ be formed in you except your mind is reprobate.

The goal is not the Men you know.
Scripture says; Did Paul die for you? Did Cephas die for you? Did Apollos die for you? It was Jesus who died, it was Jesus that was crucified. You may come to a point in your life where your greatest desire is to please a Man.

So when you are Praying, there is no connection with Jesus but as an Anointed Man of God walks through the hall then you feel something….. you feel an Emotion and you say you became connected or anointing started following well

We are weak!!
Scripture says; if you faint in the days of trouble your strength is small.
The Knowledge of God is scarce in our day and time. Does it not occur to you how much we know the move of the Spirit, we know the power of God, we literally discern the movement of God in a meeting, but when was the last time you heard the voice of God, we are religious Men, we understand the cliche, we understand the motion.

But is it possible that you have been working by trail and Error? That you have been working based on assumptions.
The psalmist said Count your Blessings, Name them one by one, ….that’s a Man that is working progressively with God.

I love Men of God, I Honour them but my Destiny is Hanging on the voice of God. You will amount to nothing except you learn How to hear the voice of God, because Men are Men, No matter how good they are, they are limited, their reality is Factored into time, space and Matter.

What gives them an Edge is the secret they understand the technology by which they know how to tap into volts of life that’s what makes them different.
The goal of the five fold ministry is not to become a compass for your life. The goal of the five fold ministry is to get you to rise and grow in maturity so that you are no longer tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.

To a point where you know Jesus for yourself, that the energy you function with becomes the life of God.
This is not to suggest Rebellion or disLoyalty, this is telling you where His fellowship is fused.

Cc: @Acts Of The Remnants

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