WOMEN ARE THREATS TO SATAN – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Now watch this…
We have established the fact that a spirit is in constant watch over a woman.

The most important part of a woman is not her figure….
It’s not her face…..
It’s her WOMB….
That womb is a serious issue for Satan…

Women Are Threats to Satan
Women Are Threats to Satan

Listen carefully….
So that next time you see that a woman cannot get pregnant…you know it’s not just the issue of the man…..
This womb of a woman is a threat to Satan…
Because it is the mechanism of God’s design.

Do you know why the angels came and started sleeping with the daughters of men????..
It’s an attempt to plant a seed because they thought Mary was part of them….
They thought at least Mary will be among these beautiful women…

And they started coming at random to have affair with the women….
Every child that was born..they study the prophecy behind him..
The moment they heard something unusual…they say… “ATTACK HIM”…

So they look for Moses..
They look for everybody…
Now listen carefully….
This generation…
This generation of God’s people have a battle that they do not realize that they are fighting…
Are we together….

There’s an intentional offspring of Satan that is on rampage to destroy everything that is of Christ….
There are men today who are possessed….
There are men who are manipulated but there are people who are not human beings….

These are the ones who cannot receive salvation…
I pray that one day…the holy spirit will open your eyes….to see and believe these things…

Women Are Threats to Satan
Women Are Threats to Satan

One of the greatest prayer request you should offer in this season is:
“Oh God give me the gift of an open eye that can see”
It’s a powerful prayer

In the physical, when people are blind, you see the limitations that come with their lives.
The gift of an open eye ….That God can grant you access to see the realm that is beyond physical.. To see dimensions not given to mortals to see.. Its a superior advantage that will establish your dominion on earth….

God is building us in the similitude of a spiritual house.. The Bible says you are a living stone..
When you see a house being built, there are times while the house is been built that the carpenter is not needed, there are times when you finish the Masonry, you begin to focus on the enterior..

That means there are seasons when the Spirit of God will turn and begin to emphasize certain things. A season will come that God’s emphasis will be character and excellence..

Another season will come that it will be your prayer life, then prosperity..
You know you are been built into a great house when the dimensions are invariably touched within a given period.
I hope you know that the way God deals with you for your spiritual growth and the way he deals with you to step into the office of your ministry are not the same.

When God is dealing with you with respect to your call and assignment, he is not obliged to teach you everything..
The curriculum will only cover areas of your assignment and it’s intentional.
But your personal dealing for your personal growth, God does it in such a way that you are balanced for your good.
So sometimes God can switch and talk about your character, then sometimes he talks about your finances…..

Sometimes you can even feel guilty and say God what is this? I need more fire… and yet all you see is God teaching you financial principles..
Then a day will come that he won’t talk about money with you again.. You can pray for five things but only the one aligned with his intentions can be answered for that season of your life.

As far as your dealings with God is concerned, God will never stay on a single curriculum forever. No..
So if all you see is an imbalance in your life, it may be that you are skipping some spiritual classes, because this lecturer is there whether you attend the lecture or not and it will be registered that you exempted yourself from some classes and it will affect you.

Pray for seeing eyes and hearing ears.

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God bless you

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