“Wait Sis, What Kind Of Man Do You Even Want?”

Praying Sister
Praying Sister

“Sis, What Kind Of Man Do You Want?”
Sis: I want a good Christian man that’s not so spiritual. Let him have a sprinkle of the agbero behavior in him, but let him also be really classy.
It wouldn’t be bad if he is rich, but not so rich so that he wouldn’t attract too many ladies.

He should also have muscles but with a little round stomach (very important please). Lest I forgot, he should know how to pray so well too, but shouldn’t pray too much…

And the list goes on… Eskis ma, with the qualities you just listed, aren’t you asking for someone that’s hot and cold at the same time? I mean, what I read was more like, he should be fire, and at the same time ice-block, yeah? Lol.

Fam, the first time I heard someone (a guy) tell me, “Ladies don’t know what they want,” as a women advocate that I am, I almost fought him, because, what kinda talk is that? But as I sat to think about it, as I took a look at my environment, I discovered the sad statement to be true.

I tell you no lies, even as at then, I didn’t also know the kind of man I needed. I was confused as the word itself. Let me tell you why this is dangerous, it is sure a dangerous thing because the lack of knowledge about who you should submit to will make you open your teeth, and maybe your heart to every man that comes your way.

So long he’s a child of God, he can speak and souls will be saved, and has all the other outward things people look at, you will find yourself saying yes.
This reason is why a lot of ladies have opted out of relationships. Nothing in particular happened between them and their partners, but because along the line it didn’t “feel right” anymore, so they had to break it.

And so people now see them as greedy and someone that knows too much, they see these ladies as wicked and deceivers. If you are this lady, I understand perfectly and I’m here to help you.
Something remarkable happened in Joshua 2-6 to the prostitute called Rahab. After she helped the children of Israel and they saved her and her household, she had the choice to either stick with the children of Israel or go with her household to start another life, after all, she would now be free, and no longer submit to being a sex worker.

But somehow, she saw salvation in its raw sense, she saw the kind of life she would love to have, and she negotiated her way through. This decision she made was void of people’s imposed opinions and interference, it was from within.

Sis, the moment you stop chasing what others are chasing, and take a sit, look within and discover who God has made you to be, you will stop being confused, and never settle till you see “it.”
Many times, it’s really not that the people that come are bad people, it’s more like they are not just good for you, if you stick with them, you will outgrow them at some point.

Let’s say the plain truth here, you can’t submit to everyone. It’s not every man that comes your way that is good for you. It’s not pride, it is what it is.
It’s just like having a picture of a particular dress you want to purchase in mind, and you’re given another dress, it’s not like the one you were given is bad, it’s not just what you need. When you see the one you need, you will know.

When you’re ready to not settle for just anything, submit to God, then focus on your part of the assignment in this kingdom. When you know the part you will play, even if you’re not walking in it fully yet, you will sure know the kind of man that you can do life with.

As you go along with God and in life, you begin to see pictures, not of his face, but of his character. Your heart begins to long for a particular character.
If possible, write down. Write down the kind of future you want, write down the kind of life you have dreamed about. Make it plain, so you no go confuse.

And guess what? When you meet him, you will know. You will look back and find that the wait was worth it. The preparation, and everything was well worth it.
That confusion of who to say yes or no to will end the moment you know what you want FOR YOUR LIFE. If you’re just going along without expectations or anything, you might settle for anything.

When you meet him, you might not like his face, you might not like his pocket, you might not like his built, but you will love his heart. You will love his heart, and then, love everything. The sync will be undeniable.
You won’t rush it, you won’t force it. Calm down, and until you see it, don’t settle, don’t manage.

Scripted by © Beautiful_yet_godly
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