POEM – It’s Biblical, It’s Pure Love


You were there when all was void and empty,
You spoke and made it all bounty,
For this and many more, you are worthy,
You gave your only begotten son in your eyes of mercy.

He lived just for thirty three years, yet he was a blessing,
He died for our sins, even though it was undeserving,
His love towards us is unending,
His goodness is overwhelming,
He left with us a being who is comforting,
A being who has been there from the very beginning,
A being who is best at teaching,
Just teaching? No, he is best at everything,
If you want to experience his power.

You have to create a relationship that will never grow sour,
A sweet fellowship which should bloom like a flower,
You must walk with him at each hour,
The journey with him must rise taller than a tower.

To get all these, you must become a dead man,
Not a man being shot, but one who is dead to sin and not carnal,
One who drops man-made ambitions at his table excluding no plan.

You have to give your all to him, not leaving anything behind,
Submit your totality because he is the master mind,
Call unto him so that you two can bind.

He is so easy to find,
Don’t forget he is so kind,
Open the door of your heart,
So you can trod on his path,
He is knocking,
Tell him to come in,
Don’t keep him waiting!

By: Sharonrose

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