When It Comes To Lust, Leave Fire, Just Flee!

When It Comes To Lust, Leave Fire, Just Flee!
When It Comes To Lust, Leave Fire, Just Flee!

“The First time I fasted 7days Dry, years back, just the following week, an old friend from my past a guy called to check up on me and immediately I missed him and I decided to go see him.

Getting to his house, I was behaving like a strong girl, nothing can ever happen,I said. Being a Christian shouldn’t stop you to visit your old friends.

Meanwhile, Guys, we were sexually entangled in my past life. I thought I was just going to stop by to see him, then we got gisting, then it was I miss your speech, then hugs, then kiss, then the unimaginable happened

After my eye cleared, I told myself regret is the last thing I needed now. I walked down to my car and I started asking for mercy,
But this was what I noticed along the years, any time I know within me I have attained another level in the Spirit Realm, this same dude calls to see me, I mostly not pick his calls or i tell him am out of town.

This lying and ignoring calls continued.
Why can’t I be bold enough to say I don’t want to be mere friends with you, why am too shy to say we can never see each other. But this dude won’t stop calling at some strategic time, guys extremely strategic. And the lying continued.

Fast forward to Few days I arrived from my pilgrimage journey, this dude called to see me, at this junction there was an Holy Anger in me, I confirmed he has become the devil vessel set against me.
And am allowing it just because of Familiarity, we’ve been friends for ages.

I knew I needed to end this Rubbish by Confronting the situation and stop running. So I asked him to come see me, we set to meet at an open place, when I finally saw him I asked us to Pray, after that, I decided to talk about the Bible. I allowed him to talk a little while.

Then I resumed to my Bible talk, talked about immorality, the temple of Christ Jesus. He was like, are you whining me? I said no.
He then said I haven’t seen you in years and despite many attempt to see you, this is all you want us to talk about. This is all am about I said.

At this point, I knew I made my relationship with Him cleared, even though I delayed, God helped me act HIM out. Familiarity is from the devil, an act to be careful of.

If you both were entangled before you met Christ, Please don’t be friends not until you can Handle the heat.”
~ Beautiful experience by Pastor Deborah Moses.

As I read this, different things came to my mind. First, FLEE means FLEE. Secondly, don’t be ashamed to declare your new stand in Christ. Old things are passed away, and it includes the old friends that refuse to choose Gods way.

Any bad friend from your past you want to keep “just because,” might lead to your own undoing. Brother and sister, FLEE!

Source: Beautiful Yet Godly

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