When I was five years old,the chromosome I had, had already had been hidden in my hair color. At 29,it unveiled, but what came out didn’t begin today, it was first Hidden. That is how the Heart is.

Every organ that has to do with the issue of life is protected by the best bones.

God didn’t put a spiritual fence for the Heart,He only said that’s your business to guide,And if God says keep,it means there is something that would strive for it to take it from you,You are going to do an elaborate work to put your spirit on the lead.

Because if your spirit is not on the lead,your heart will be defiled. And if a man want to be strong with God and wants the Heavens to influence things and to being the power of Heaven to intervene in this Earth, He must take the issues of the Heart seriously.

Let’s check,let’s check.God uses your spirit as a candle to peep into the inward part of your belly. God is conscious about what is in the inward part of your belly. You will have to beckon on his spirit to help you with a Check.

Do you know, if God wants to reveal your thoughts to you, A terrible situation must first happen.
Anytime thoughts are to be revealed, there is always a sword.A piercing. A situation that shakes you then you see your tendencies.

They are several things, that you don’t know you are capable of now, because situations that would trigger it have not come.

It’s better for you to ask God to help you with these searching in private, so that you can deal with it before those things show up.

Alignment Is Of The Heart,And that is what most of us forget,that is what is missing and that is why so many prayers are going on but after that we don’t find the answers,no alignment.

That is indicative of the fact that the Heart of the people praying is not in alignment with God.If you start checking the Heart of men, you will find out that most of your problems are self inflicted problems,that you can change now.

You may not know what is holding you,until you do like David and say OK, Lord OK, Search me to find out strange things in me.

When you cry..
God will open you up with a Light,a brilliant light that will pierce into the depth of your Reality and bring out things and say SEE, this is what has hindered your Alignment. I found out that “Prayers was more than talking”, IT IS A STATE OF THE HEART

This is what we remove that makes our talking lack potentcy. SEARCH MY HEART, when last did you pray that prayer, TRY ME, KNOW ME AND KNOW MY THOUGHTS, if there be any wicked ways in me ,cleanse Me

God bless you

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