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There was a time in our family when a new member was welcomed into our family,not knowing to us that the person was a demonic agent who could talk to Ghosts and demons while she made some incantations,unfortunately for her I was 15 years of age then and I was privilege to know and had gone deep into God in-fact I could pray for days inside my room I won’t come out.

It’s happened that my younger brother was passing by her room and heard her talking to herself, so he went to her window and saw her looking at the mirror saying:

I WILL TAKE OVER THIS FAMILY,I WILL BRING THEM DOWN I WILL BECOME THE HEAD, that was what my younger brother told me, I started Speaking in the Holy Ghost and went to her room and I looked at her and she said what are you doing here this small boy

I was upset in the spirit, I became angry in the spirit,I looked at her and said you will know if I am a small boy if you go ahead with your mission in this house,she laughed and said that am too small,I left her room,this happened continuously for many months till my Dad started complaining that there’s no money aha I said it’s unlike my Dad because I know him He’s rich,so for three days I went into deep prayer and dry fast everyone in my family know about this and after three days I came out,as I came out of my room I spoke in this tongue which I still remember RAKA AZABKUTUGAS,I went down stairs and she was so fortunate that she was the first person who saw me when I came out, I said in my mind you are caught and she was confused and i laughed and I started following her and I called her by her name which I won’t mention and she turned and looked me and said I shouldn’t come close to her that am a wizard,I said to her I like my kind of wizard,after few minutes I said to her if you stay in this house after three days then am not a prophet as far as am here you must leave for Jesus to reign.

After two days she went and told my Dad that she want to leave that she normally see fire whenever she sleep, of course my Dad was happy because she confronted him many times telling him that she will bring him down and there is nothing he can do,by the 3rd day she left everything started growing back,Glory to God.

Sir it’s take a yielded man to carry power to confront the devil,
Hear this sir/ma
That devil isn’t powerless,I normally laugh when I hear some people say he’s powerless,this lady under three month everything in the house dried up,because a satanic personality is around.

Hahaha I said to my self where have light run from darkness,why will I be here and a devil prevail I said no,
Sir if you don’t rise in that family,the devil will keep prevailing,
Sir if your father married many wives,and you don’t rise and break that foundation the devil will keep prevailing,
Sir if you look around and no body in your village has graduated from the university and you are reading this post and you don’t rise
The devil will keep prevailing.

In that your streets you look around and cultism,fornication is rampant and you are there,you refused to rise arrr sir there is something wrong with your Christianity.

Arrr I have seen men with my eyes,I remember a man of God in my area back then when I was young when He enters a church everywhere demons will be crying out,
Arrr For how long will you remain an ordinary man,sir for how long,how long
For how long will you remain in that situation running from pillar to post no direction,
For how long will you sit down and watch people die in your family,people are oppressed you are there.

People don’t have jobs,they don’t have money nothing to show forth and you are there,
Arrrrrr sir when I was in my family when serious case cannot be handled spiritually they bring the person to me,
Because I said to myself I must rise and stop this circle in this family,so I break out from the foundation of sin.


How long,how long,
If there is a man to rise there is a God to back him up,
How can I enter a bus and the bus would have an accident.

How can a person come close to me and say he wants to be my friend and he is a sinner a drug addict,but because he is my friend,he becomes born again by force.

Men of prayer and power,
Men of hunger,
Men that have been broken to the bones when they come out they have been well cooked by You,
Oh Lord do it with this people reading this post.

Men that won’t care about what people call them but will press to see your word being preached,
Arrr Daddy raise men
I see men rending the devil and his kingdom

How can a Christian say she have given her life to Christ,be shouting I have stomach pain,I am sick,I was deceived by that man into fornicating.

arrr Lord, don’t just raise men but women,
Women like Kathryn Kuhlma,
Wherever she went arm robbery stopped,wherever she went healing took place.

Arrr crack them open oh Lord,arrrr my heart bleeds take them deeper into God,
When You look around, You are looking for those who you would send

Father send them, take them by force in each region,
Arrr Fire in my bones
Fire in my eyes
Fire in my body

Lock me in the prayer room and throw the key away,
Arr Daddy locate them, let them burn again,for everyone that will read this Father spread your revival,
Take them deep into God,lock them there until they are cooked,
Where are the John. G. Lake of our generation,
Where are the Billy Graham’s of this generation,
Where are the Morris cellulo of our time
Where are they Lord locate them by fire.


Arrr if not them, then me
Arrr Daddy see me
See me
See me,I can’t remain like this
For how long will i continue living like this
Father see me.

A man named Paul after seeing great power still opened his mouth and said that I may know him,what did you do to them father look at my heart.

My altar is calling you,
Purify my heart and let me look like you.

Purify me oh Lord for your use.
I don’t want to be around them but among them oh Lord if you are counting them you won’t count me as their friends you will count me in between them.

Amen……The Emergence Of Saviours

Source: Bro Matthew Daniel

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