Pastor Enoch Adeboye
Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye at RCCG Special New Year Thanksgiving Sunday Service.
Theme: ‘Victory Over Lockdown’.
Topic: Ebenezer: Thus far, God has helped us.
Text: 1 Samuel 7:7-13

I am sure you know they said old people should stay home, it is a very good advice. But if you are over 70 and you are still afraid of death, you need to check your salvation.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, COVID-19 will not come near you.
‘Ebenezer: Thus far, God has helped us’.
There is a saying among our people that when you begin to hear the name of the month ending with ‘ber’, you know the year is about to end.

The Lord who has kept you will keep you to see the New Year.
When a child is grateful for what has been done to him, he will receive more.
Thus far God has helped us if you come with gratitude, praises and worship you will see the New Year

The story of the ten lepers in Luke 17:12-16. Only one came back to give thanks and he was moved from healed to wholeness.
As you praise him today, you will be made whole

The story of the mad man of Gadara in Mark 5:2-8. He came back to say thank you and Jesus Christ promoted him. Mark 5:19-20
Every one of you God has given victory over demons, this month your promotion will come.

Peter: Luke 5:1-9, God gave Peter a breakthrough. Peter fell at Jesus’ feet to say thank you. Luke 5:10-11 Jesus gave him an opportunity to fulfil destiny.
Every one of you who will praise God today, you fulfil your destiny.

Hannah: 1 Samuel 2:1-10, Hannah was grateful. Because she gave thanks in 1 Samuel 2:20-21 God gave her five extra children.
If you will show your gratitude, God will allow you to tell him when you have had enough.

David: 2 Samuel 6:18-22 David danced before God with all his might. He danced because of what God has done for him. The Almighty God responded in 2 Samuel 7:8-16, his Kingdom was established forever.
Some of us find it difficult to dance because we were born great. But when you see people like me dancing it is because we know where God brought us from.

Someone like me that started to wear shoes at 18, when we remember some people we grew up together that are now dead, lame, blind and we see how far God has brought us, we will dance.
All of you who will praise God this morning, you will never go back.

Solomon: 2 Chronicles 1:6-10 Solomon showed gratitude to God. The Almighty God replied and made him unique.
I don’t understand how God chose Solomon of all people. God said there are three ways of doing things

The right way

The wrong way

God’s way. (God does things as he pleases.)

He told me you are the last son of the second wife and l made you who you are today. Don’t blame me if l dance today.
Maybe you have nothing to thank God for, thank God for your life.
Psalm 107:1-2
Say God l thank you for saving my soul.

It pleases the Almighty God out of thorns to produce a rose.
Do you know how many people hate you, but the Almighty God has held you this far.
Hebrews 13.5-6

It is enough that you have God Almighty, the conqueror of every virus.
When l see visions of the world with all resources, l look at Nigeria, we have nothing. When we count the number of deaths in this country and those of these developed countries all we can say is thank you, Lord, we have no one but You.

Those of you who are not yet born again, you don’t know what you are missing.
Psalm 34.8
Give your life to him and you will see the great benefits.

If you want to give your life to Christ, ask him to forgive your sins. Say, Lord, save my soul, l want you to be my supporter. The rest of us please let us intercede for them.

Father, as your children will be praising you today, please help them till the end.
Father, l am raising my Ebenezer to you today, that this far you have helped me. Thank you for every blessing Lord, l will praise you, l will show you my gratitude.


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