There are some Cross Soldiers that were called to bring men down to their knees but such never knew the cost of this pathway.
Some Soldiers also lived to speak about His throne, these men are called to bring men to the balance of Authority, but many have failed to discern their desires.

We must understand that the more our ranking increases with new Armour, and all treated scars, the higher challenges you face also.
I don’t know what has happened to you in this mandate but my word can restore you.

It is possible you have been carried away and as a Pastor, you found yourself teaching a choir “doh re mi fa so la ti do” on your mattress. She even commended you for how you have hit her so hard but you know you are not yourself after that sinful act.

You went out for evangelism and one of those drunkards spoke to you privately about Babylon and you agreed because your need is fulfilled through that Man. You came for evangelism but you end up drinking with the Prophet of Baal.

It is forbidden for every church girl to move with those Prostitutes but you summon the courage and you make a decision to help those ladies but they later plan your rape and right now you have become a Lesbian.

You see, it is very possible that things like this happens to soldiers in the field of battle but the most dangerous thing is to stay where you are.
Many Armies made more mistakes by calling Goliath to help them from the traps of darkness.

You fell into the sin of fornication and the next thing is to go and explain to the church you don’t trust.
Why won’t they give you suspension instead of helping you?
Why won’t they send you out instead of teaching you to stand?
Are they your Saviour? Jesus is the Saviour of the World. This scar is between you and Jesus.

You knew your Mentor is anointed without character but you go ahead speaking about your scars. This same person is the one preaching at you before the church because he thinks he understands holiness. He later sent your story to Facebook platform because he is hungry for likes and comments.

It is very shameful that many Churches and Men have wounded many Soldiers and for this reason, sons are crying because they have no trust in their Fathers again.
Daughters are in sorrow because Mothers have betrayed their loyalty.
Fathers were weeping because they revealed the most sensitive part of their imperfections to their Sons and Sons went out with the laughter of Canaan.

Falling Soldiers, Rise Again!
That stage is not new to all Kingdom Giants.
It is very possible that you fall there but the greatest loss is when you stay there.
The truth is that, you are not an Angel of God, you are a “Man of God” Your humanity can make you sink but your Lion can still shake the jungle.

Treat the wounds
Leave the scars
And Rise to your duty.
“Stir the fire again, let it burn”

©Menorah Ezekiel

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