I’ve Been Having Experiences Of Sisters Keeping Me On Hold, Telling Me They Will Pray About It But Ifeoluwa’s Case Was Divine – Bro Seun Adejumobi

Bro Seun Adejumobi and Sist Ifeoluwa

I’ve been having experiences of sisters keeping me on hold, telling me they will pray about it but Ifeoluwa’s case was divine, I was so convinced” – The train lead actor speaks about his experience as a single man.

A lot of people were actually surprised a lot of people have been saying ahhh Ifeoluwa how come we don’t get to know that something has been going on between both of you all these while? And I’m like well this is Gods strategic way and I believe its divine.

Because our meeting was divine the first few weeks we met Ifeolwa started calling me divine. It was at the drama ministers empowerment retreat last year December I went and I was praying and as of that time I was on hold waiting for response from a sister and this particular sister is already in a relationship.

But according to her she said the relationship was not so serious.
You know when a lady tells you that a relationship is not so serious to me it was like a signal that OK bro cool down let’s sort things out I’m still praying about it . so I was hoping and we’ve been on it for a while so that particular retreat I was so tired you know when you get to that point where you say God you must settle me let me cross this mountain, I prayed and prayed and the holy spirit dropped in my heart that right there before I leave that ground I needed to make a decision so right there I started chatting with the sister telling her that I want to make a decision, what is your take ?

What’s your place in this? And she kept on saying hold on you know let me sort things out. But I told her that at this point God is telling me to rest so I’m going to rest on this matter and that is to say I’m not going to force it, I’m not going to press further again
So I think the retreat was to end on Wednesday night I think that was like early in the morning so we ended the retreat and on Thursday morning very early in the morning we broke our fast like midnight so on Thursday morning for the first time our daddy, daddy Mike Bamiloye you know daddy has always been speaking to us you know likely speaking to us without going deep into the private matters of my life, don’t let me generalize.

But this was the first time that daddy Mike called me and said ahhh Bro Seun Ba wo in sister nko? You know that was the first time that daddy will ask me that Sister nko? And I was like how come this is all I’ve been praying for what answer am I going to give daddy now? And I just said daddy ewo daddy I’m still trying to settle jare and daddy said ahhhhh settle ke? You don’t have money or what is the problem?

Is it money? That time mummy Gloria Bamiloye was passing by and daddy called her and said mummy come let’s talk to this boy.
And mummy started advising me that you see what you need is a woman that will see your vision and not what you have the material and physical things you have. She said if a woman is ready to embrace your vision then bro please that is the woman for you.

So I opened my heart to possibilities, Daddy Mike prayed for me I remember daddy said that I can never be settled because I’m not stable and I held on to that that there is something about stability in God first finding your rest first in God a place of solace a place of OK God it is all about you let me mind your business and you’ll mind my business.

So I zero my mind and dad mike said now is your time and you know for those that know daddy Mike you know the moment daddy mike holds your hand and starts dragging you around you just know that dad is about to release something into your life.
And daddy mike started speaking I remember he said by this time next year its going to be a different story entirely, and immediately mummy Gloria Bamiloye said ahhh ahhh next year bawo oti kpeju ani bayi bayi, and you know all that was like foundation and I remember daddy Mike said now you need to be sensitive and pay attention to when a sister will come because when she comes you will know.

Brethren this was a 24hrs experience it was on Thursday on Friday December 6th at the power night I was just going jeje on my own you know as a gentle brother this was how I just saw one sister that just dragged me from behind and she was like ahhh bro I know you now I turned and said how come?

She said we are friends on Facebook, I now said ah sorry oh you know we have a lot of people that we are friends with on Facebook that we don’t even get to see personally. And then she brought out her phone and then she showed me that we just even became friends. And we asked each other our names and introduced ourselves. And greeted and left
I’m not sure I took up to 6steps ahead of that place that something, you know when something rest in your spirit and then I felt in my spirit that who did I speak with and when I turned my back I didn’t see her again then I started looking for her eventually I stayed outside and then she came to me and she said ah bro Weldon sir pls did you see daddy Segun badejo I said ahhhhh so you know daddy segun badejo ? she said I’m a member of daddy Segun Badejo ministry even though I’m a part-time member. In my mind I said OK great good you have a source that I can trace you to.

I’ve been having experience of sisters keeping me on hold but this one was like OK yes this is it and I felt that at that point it was my time I was so convinced that it was my time and since that time up till now all the process that we’ve gone through had no struggle at all.



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