The Nigerian Church

The fact is many Nigerians are loosing it. They can’t think beyond going after pastors.
In what way has pastors prevented Nigeria from owning an airline
In what way do pastors prevent Nigeria from having industries

Less than 0.0001% of pastors own Jets in Nigeria. —-but no, let us not forget that over 70% that earn less than 50k/month are the ones focusing on the 0.0001% than own jets.

If you run your governments the way church leaders are running churches. Nigeria might be a Qatar right now. In all these argument Canaanland has had stable electricity and water supply for its over 15,000 residents since 1999 and is already on the verge of converting waste to electricity.

RCCG is producing 25MW of electricity. Yet your … govt you pay compulsory tax, vat, CIT, Pet Tax has not been able to give you light decades after independence.

Living Faith has more than 25,000 Staff and has never owed any of them salary! Yet your state govt that collects Allocation plus Tax cannot pay full salary.

Living Faith, as a single Church, is schooling 16 thousand of your Citizens in Higher institutions and many more at primary and Secondary levels yet you think you have the capacity to waggle your tongue

I went for Shiloh all through and stayed in the staff quarters, yet there was electricity all through; for one second, water did not go off in spite of thousands that were present. On a normal day you won’t walk 20 metres before you find a segregated bin to dispose your waste.

The entire area was fully covered by different layers of Security with multiple CCTV and IoT enabled barrier gates. And yet your Abuja, capital of the Nation does not have CCTV yet you open your …. mouth to talk down on pastors!

Between the guy that calls himself Area father and Bishop David Oyedepo who do you think is really serving

Bishop David Oyedepo resigned a federal job and started a Church of 3 people and has widened it to over 6,000 churches globally, over 200 schools, 2 hospitals, Over 1000 hectares farm for livestock and crop, Another farm in Igbesa and CU. With 15,000 housing Estate in progress, Water factories, Zeolite factory, One Research center, a scholarship fund, Beverage factories, 10 million books, Publishing house, Radio Station etc who has had more impact or who will have better capacity to govern the nation…?????

Canaanland hosts hundreds of thousands of people every week yet no stampede ever. Government gathered people at stadium for recruitment exercise and before it even began, many were dead!

Living Faith already has a master plan till 2032 yet govt does not have a plan for 2020!
You know Illogicality is the trademark of most Africans. They fail to think beyond their prejudices and sentiments hence Africa has remained on the ground.

Can we imagine how developed the nation would have been if we have people with the right mindset at the helm of the nation’s affairs?


Every day on the social media, there will be posts disparaging Christianity and her leaders.

Atheists, traditionalists, comedians, closet pagans, Lukewarm Christians and even fake ladies can easily pour the venoms on the church, pastors and priests. Here are my observations.

IGNORANCE: Many of the critics of the church wants the churches to do the works of government for them. Provide jobs, build factories, feed everyone and even turn the church buildings to industries.

The truth remains that the church is a spiritual non governmental organization and suffers too due lack of infrastructures in Nigeria and general insecurity. The church mandate didn’t include building factories but building social institutions like schools orphanage and hospitals.

MONEY: The extravagant lifestyles of some church leaders cannot be denied or defended. Some church leaders truly goes after wealth accumulation and acquisition like traders in China. But not all churches and not all church leaders……so don’t soy the good ones

Frustration: There is so much hardship and frustration in the land today. So some people transferred their frustrations and aggression to the church as if they church brought the hardship. Seeing a pastor in a flashy car definitely will provoke envy that he is immune to hardship and turned his church to a business center.

JEALOUSY: It may sounds funny but I have come to realise that other religions are extremely jealous of Christianity. For 2000 years, kings, emperors, philosophers, occulists, humanists, scientists and critics have done everything possible to stop Christianity and her growth but THE GATE OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST THE CHURCH.


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