Dear Church Girl……

Dear Church Girl

Dear Church Girl,
I hear people saying you act too holy and look old fashioned because you attend church regurlary and dress decently and you are almost discouraged, you are about to join the ladies who dress hot to church! Before you go ahead, calm down…..

You don’t have to dress hot to look beautiful, you are not a temperature, you are fire yourself! You don’t have to look sexy but modest! There is beauty in modesty sis, dress to preach Jesus, not to kill Jesus !

If you are not comfortable with putting on make up then its okay! Please be yourself, no body said you must wear make up to look peng! Care for your skin, buy a good deodorant, wear clean clothes no matter how cheap, iron them and always put on a smile it doesn’t make you less born again.

It is a serious matter that some sisters will never smile, someone will greet you in church, instead of answering with a smile you will answer with a frown or end up ignoring Haba! Born again sister smiling is not a sin, please smile please!

If you like to keep natural hair then go ahead but please wash it when it is dirty I beg you , if you like to tie your hair, look for fine styles and colorful head ties, you are a young girl not an old woman, learn to be stylish in your simplicity!

Brother Kunle says you are acting too uptight, please tell him I said you are not his wife, you don’t have to submit or act romantically towards him! Tell him to stop touching you, your body is the temple of God!
Stop trying to show forth yourself or gain attention because you are looking for a husband, keep working in the department God placed you in and when the right man comes, he will look for you!

Stop rendering service to God because you want to be applauded, you want pastor to see you or you are looking for a husband but let your service come from your heart and God will reward you when you remain steadfast!

I know how bad it seems when you look like the only Christian in a gathering because you look decent, simple or without makeup, when you look old fashioned in your department or place of work but be of good courage, they want to be like you and they talk well about you in their closet because you are a light!

Don’t let what they say make you feel terrible, you are a light! Keep standing tall, being different is Beautiful!
Don’t try to be like someone else, be yourself. If you like make up then don’t look like a masquerade please apply moderately!

You are beautiful, you are loved, you are unique, you are blessed and your service for God will not be in vain!

©The journey of A Christian Lady

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