These days, everyone wants to be seen on the Pulpit
Everyone want to climb the Pulpit and hold the microphone.

But we don’t know the meaning of Pulpit
We don’t even know those who are permitted to climb the pulpit

What is the Pulpit?
The Pul- Pit – might either be to be Pulled into the pit or out of it…that means saving lives through it ,or you becoming a victim through it

The moment you start climbing the pulpit there is all tendency you will be push into the pit.
Pulpit is not met for everyone
That is why we have many ministers after their powerful ministrations they will still fall into sins

Pulpit is met for the Strong Soldiers of Christ, that can’t be pulled and when pulled can’t fall into the pit
Ask yourself, if you’re pushed today won’t you fall into the pit?

Pulpit is met for those who are consistent in the Secret Place
Men who God recognise on the Pulpit, are Men who God recognise in the secret place
Don’t joke will the Pulpit, it’s not a playing Centre and is not met for Everyone.

The Pulpit is not a training ground, it is a Battle ground.
A Pulpit is meant to Pull people out of the Pit, if you are doing contrary then it is a business venture…..And you may be the next to be pulled into the pit

Oh God realign our Passions!!!

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