Throwback Thursday:Throw-back Pictures Of Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Kumuyi, Pastor E.A Adeboye,Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Daddy Gbile Akanni And Apostle Joshua Selman..

A Picture of Daddy Adeboye and bishop David Oyedepo in early Ministry

It is very true that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. This great men of God had taken time to sow into a glorious future we see today, by making good use of their youthful time efficiently well.

We see many critics accusing them today over one issue or the other,forgetting that what we see them doing today wasn’t just something they cooked up from somewhere.

As a matter of fact it’s been revealed that, during their time when they had decided to follow the Gospel line. The commercialization of the Gospel as we have today wasn’t there. As then, everyone in the Gospel line was claimed to have been doomed for a life of sorrow and poverty. But alas that’s not the case today,as many people going the Gospel line today are into it for money reasons and not for the sake and cause of the kingdom.

We just hope that they don’t miss it along the way.

God bless them…..

Bishop David Oyedepo
W.F Kumuyi
Bishop David Oyedepo preaching in early years of ministry
Pastor Chris oyakilome
Daddy Adeboye and Founder Rev. Ekundayomi
Bro Gbile akanni
Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

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