Bro Gbile akanni

BIBLE READING: LUKE 9:23 ” And he said to them all, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me”.

We are going to look at some words for deny: forget, renounce, ignore, disown, leave self behind, give up the things you want, put aside his desire, give up all right to himself, refuse e.t.c.

So what does it means to deny himself:
-To put aside your feelings
-To take no cognisance of your worth
-To loose one’s will
-To release the right you have by yourself
-Not to remember whom you used to be
-To joyfully consent when your personal dignity is been revoked for Jesus sake
-To disown authority of a lower nature
-To leave flesh far behind
-To be considered mad in the world system
-To disassociate oneself from self
-To overlook and refuse to acknowledge self
-For someone to violate what is legitimately is yours and you joyfully concede it as it’s his right to do that to you
-To give up your right of occupancy

It is a great risk to do any transaction with Mr flesh, you will get to a point where you will see nothing good in the flesh as you want to defend it. Self can never crucify himself, there will always be a part that remain to disqualify you from going anywhere, self doesn’t operate by quantity. If you give up all right of occupancy to yourself to God, you are saying it is enough, from now on Your wish is my command, I have no right to myself again.

If you are thinking that nobody can make this type of condition, but with God it is possible and God will still get those that will follow Him in this way while you are still arguing that nobody can do it. When God has gotten those that will be following Him in this footstep you will be surprise. Self that we have been dealing with can become a major hindrance for following Jesus.

Self is the only reason why you are not like Jesus. Sometimes self will be ashamed to be itself, it enjoys hiding. Put both good and bad self aside and leave yourself to whatsoever God does to you.

The basic hindrance unto spirituality is self and Jesus asked us to deny it. Self can never kill itself but Someone is going to do it for us, but we must be ready to renounce self, to give it up, to say to Jesus today whatever You want to do to this man -self take him.

John 12:32 and John 3:14 have the same root. All that have been said in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are the things man must do for God to take over.

The man that is not willing to deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow Jesus, God cannot take up from his hand to give him victory over mr flesh. If God did not do something to Mr flesh, even if you ignore him and refuse to talk, it will pull you to talk.
God is going to do something in our lives for us to put up the nature of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the window we are opening that will turn our lives around and be the image of Jesus and that man that has hindered us over the years might become a forgotten issue.
For God to take over from a man, he must be ready to fulfill the conditions. Jesus said if any man want to follow Him, let him give up all right to himself, let him deny himself, let him release himself, take up his cross daily and follow Him, three components.

The call now is who among us is ready to be a follower of Jesus, if you have agreed, are you ready to renounce self, give up all right to yourself so that whatever Jesus do to your life you will not query Him.

If you have understood this message,
agreed to the conditions and sincerely speaking, not that you want to be religious, let me remind you that this message is not meant to be popularly accepted, if it were popularly accepted many of His disciplines that turned back because of His message would not have turned back.

Jesus does not need quantity to do His work, He needs quality no matter how small they are. If you decide to go back because of what it entails to follow Jesus, He will not run after you.
The call today is specific, are you ready to be His true discipline, it doesn’t matter what others claim to be or hearing, or they are Christians but are not following the pattern of Jesus, I don’t care I have chosen the way of Calvary.
Hand over Mr flesh and tell God what I used to call myself I give it up today, even though I don’t know how to sustain it yet I will follow You.

Many may say I will follow Jesus when I have my first and second degrees, some sisters may say I want to give up the whole world but allow me to marry first after my wedding when I have done it the way the world does it, then I will become seriously disciplined. I want you to ask yourself did I actually want to embrace this matter Jesus spoke again and again about.

Peter told Jesus we have left all nowhere to go again. Ruth told Naomi, don’t persuade me to return back, I will go with you even if I die. Don’t be religious, Jesus is asking, will you also go away or follow me?.
Give up all right to yourself and allow Jesus to deal with it anyhow, don’t have share in self again, live only to please Jesus.

Be emptied of self for Christ to take over. Take decision not because of others but because you have seen the light. You are going to lose your identity in life, your way of dressing, your pursuit, ambition yield it and let it go. Make up your mind today, hand over yourself unto Jesus Christ, it may be drastic and rudeness when you stand to the call to give up yourself. Forsake all for the sake of knowing Christ, you have to come to a point where you will say no to yourself, personal instinct and comfort.

Song: I have decided to follow Jesus (3×)
No turning back(2×).

Prayer: Lord look at me, I known that there is no other way apart from You, help and sustain me.
Lord, I put my hands in Your hand, lead me and help me to stand till the end no matter what is going on around me, in Jesus name. Amen.

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