If She Said “No” To Your Proposal…

If She Said No

Some brothers are patiently waiting for the day they’ll handle the mic in the coming years and say “many years ago, I told sister *** to marry me, I had no money, I had no fine clothes, she said ‘NO’ to me, now look at me today…”

Then this would be followed by applause and cheers from the crowd, with people saying, “ah! That sister missed o.” lol. They’ve planned it in their minds.

I was in one of such meetings one time, and I began to wonder, why do BELIEVERS think and act this way? You got a leading from God, the sister said “no,” I mean, it’s just “no” she said, why are you taking it so hard? If indeed God directed you to her, and she refused, I think what should be done is that you go back to the one who sent you.

Report the case to Him and let him judge it. Why is this thing so difficult really? If she says she didn’t hear from God, or she’s taking forever, God could either convict her heart or give you the go-ahead to someone else. It’s God we’re talking about here o.
Move on and live the life He has called you to.

Stop Sitting and wishing for the day you will hold the mic and make jest of her for saying no to you when you become the rich and influential one. That spirit is wicked and it is not of God.

Believers don’t think that way, we wish well for everyone.
Come to think of it, what if there’s a story flip? What if she becomes the rich and influential one, and she holds an international meeting and says, “thank God I didn’t marry brother ****(she mentions your name) ” lol. How would you feel? Let’s just drop the thoughts already.

If you’re sure God told you, then let God tell her too, you don’t want a wife that cannot listen and obey God for herself, do you? Else when you get married, it might be a problem… How do you want her to even correct you if you’re wrong when she can’t even discern right from wrong now? So sir, please rest.

Time and again, I keep repeating it, success is not the best revenge. In this kingdom, we don’t even think of revenge. I’m sorry, but we don’t think evil of the people who rejected us at our lowest, we don’t even wish evil for them.

She might have rejected you, but that doesn’t mean she rejected God. She is still God’s child, as much as you are, and all of God’s children will receive his blessings.

The day you’ll make this discovery is the day peace will flood your heart like a river. I only wish that day is now.

Dear Brother, what you don’t even know is God sees your heart and reaction to these things. What if he’s trying to deal with your pride? What if He’s trying to teach you confidence? What if He’s trying to help you deal with rejection.
He sees your future and He knows what to do to let you fit into it. Harbouring hate, malice or bitterness are weights that may be too heavy for that destination. He knows and is working out the best for you. Allow Him.

Stop gisting with your guys telling them how you will “show her,” don’t because of her NO shut your ears to the Spirit and then go and start scouting for “hotter and finer babes” because you must ‘pepper your haters!’ At the end of the day, you would be in that marriage with your choice Mrs.

Side note to every sister out there: if you do not receive an assurance in your Spirit as regards anyone, sit down, or sleep. Don’t let any “God said” lead you into a journey of no return. Judge with the Spirit of God in you.

Back to you sir, please, receive your YES in good fate, receive your NO in good fate too, in this kingdom, we choose to love anyone who rejects us. If the thing pains you so much, it’s OK to cry back to God. He still leads people.

Take the yes-s, take the no-s, drop the hate, it’s not necessary. Shed the weight God requires of you. Let him lead, yours is to follow. You’re a king, you deserve a worthy queen to rule with you. Wait on her, prepare your heart to receive her.

I believe in your future

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