Honourable Minister, Ministry Is Beyond Shouting… Off The Mic


Dear Chorister,
You sing without the fire, your prayer altar is in ruins, what are you Singing?
Secret sins are choking the fire that ought to flow through you to touch the congregation you minister to, off the mic, off the mic

Dear Sunday School Teacher,
Your girlfriend leaves your house early Sunday morning and you come to church to teach Sunday school, What are you teaching?.
Off the Mic, please, off the Mic, demons are doing business under your watch, people are dying under your teachings.

Dear Minister,
You can’t wait to be asked to minister on the pulpit by the head Pastor, but what do you minister?
Are you ministering life?
Is Fame your aim?
Is honorarium your motive?

Dear Chorister that always wants to Solo, so the memebrs can SEE your beautiful face and clothes, and HEAR your sonorous voice, and you become a mini celebrity?
Please off the mic, stay in the secret place, so God can work on your motives and your life, so when you step out, you will minister life.

Having a good voice won’t do it., off the mic and stay.
Having a good command of English, charisma, and oratory won’t do it. off the mic and ask God for fire.

Only fire can expose the Sorcerers in your Midst
Only fire on the PULPIT can expose the vipers in the PEW

Dear Christain,
Answering the tag Christain isn’t enough, off the mic, stop TELLING your neighbors and family that you are a Christian and start SHOWING them.

In this end time, the Kindgom of darkness is on rampage, only by fire can we expand and advance the Kindgom of God, not by having a platform or microphone you can speak with.
Off the Mic. Go to the backside of the desert like Moses, go to the wilderness like Jesus…

Dear Music/Word/Drama Minister… Give God the Mic.. and ask him for his Fire. only then will the Mic in your hand be a blessing.

Tell that Young Man that Ministry is beyond Shouting….
Can you tell that Young Man that ministry is beyond having sons and daughters….
Can you tell that Young Man that Ministry is beyond people calling for prayers…

Can you tell that Young Man that Ministry is beyond bearing a title?….
We have so many dead preachers today on Pulpit
We have so many pastors today producing people that can’t stand the test to time…
We have so many false teachers….
Please we don’t need another one…

Don’t let anyone put your under pressure to MANIFEST WHAT YOU HAVE NOT MASTERED!!!
Don’t let anyone put you under pressure to PROVE ANY POINT!!!

Don’t let the Studio Pictures of any one decieve you,they won’t tell you what they are going through….
Don’t let the influence and affluence of anyone decieve you….IT IS BETTER TO GO FAR THAN TO GO FAST.

Don’t let Posters and Flyers decieve you or make you rush out on God, most of them are not real Meetings…

If you know the Volume and the Generation that is coming kai you will know it is beyond bearing titles,you will know that you have to stay and gain Stature in God…

The Immortals are beckoning on you….
Don’t keep them waiting…
Don’t be another False Preacher.
Don’t be another Person that will enhance the speed of sin because of your messages.
Don’t be another Powerless preacher, who know nothing rather than philosophy of men.


Sorry sir we are praying not because we don’t have work to do…
Sorry ma we are groaning not because we are jobless…

Hello friends we are digging deep not because we know not how to shout…..

We have seen that grammar won’t help
We have seen that Italian suits are rubbish without his presence
We have seen that doctrines won’t save a sinner

We have seen that most assemblies have lost the track of the gospel.
We have seen that we have lost the ancient land marks.
We have seen that we are helpless without your power and presence.

So we are digging deep because we want to bring back God to our Land.
Because if there’s a man to pray there’s a God to answer….

We work
We pray
We are aligned
My generation won’t wait for me in Vain.
My generation must see God through me.
There’s a Hunger
There’s Burden
There’s Passion.
We wont stop until we see Jesus Glorified.

Oh God break my heart anjd bend my knees
Oh God lock me in the prayer room and throw the keys away.

Source: Prince Ekeke

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