To All The Youths….
If only you can see were God has planned for you to be by now, you will cry everyday because you are far behind schedule.
Leave that person that is the source of your distraction, anytime you want to think about your way forward in life, suddenly he/she comes and distracts you, oya let’s go here, let’s go there.

You will want to plan your life but phone will not let you see clearly the road, hmmm. When u want to think, NEPA just brings light then you forget about your plans, who has done this to you?.

Because Jonah was in a ship, other peoples lives was at risk, some people’s presence in your life can bring speed or delay.

You that is going to Lagos decides to follow your friend that is going to Abuja. Can’t you see the devil is not your problem?, the problem is you.

Since you have been sleeping 12hours everyday, what have u gained, even satan works 24/7 but you sleep away your time.

Plan your life. You think @21 you are still young?, David killed Goliath @17. Set goals, plan your life, you don’t have time to waste again. God is counting on you, if you fail your generation they won’t take it lightly with you.

Our speed & success is determined by us, is a matter of you deciding to arise and focus in life. 25year old lady think she’s still young, 5yrs later you see her going from church to church.

Those who started early always do well. God said serve me in the days of your youth.
Think about this .See, satan can give you something to take you off ur destiny.

JESUS was about to be made King but he ran away (John6:15). Because that would have terminated his destiny,Something is good does not mean is from God, some are traps, so stay glue to God to know his plans for you, not all that glitters are gold.

Pray that prayer, fast that fast, read that book now.don’t tell me you were not warned. Had i know will not be our portion.

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