Marriage Partners

Everything in your house has a purpose, everything you have in your house has a reason for being there. If they have no purpose, you will discard them
Without purpose what happens?
Things that have no purpose have no reason to exist.

I found out that purpose, plan and goal are not the same.
Purpose is the reason for the action or for the existence. Purpose is a reason for which something is done or created or for which something exist.
In my own words, Plan is how to achieve purpose
Goal is a dimension/direction of plan
Reason – is a cause, explanation or a justification for an action or an event
When there is a purpose, there is an understanding or a plan. When a purpose is set, there is a reason and you plan to achieve your purpose and when you plan there are goals.

Genesis 1:1-28
Gen 1:26 –
Let us make man in our image after our likeness – plan
Purpose – so that man will have Dominion
God never fails and we are His seed, so we are not failures
Look at yourself and your life with the mind that God has empowered you to excel.

Any man who is not doing anything is not qualified to have a wife
Eve came to help Adam to achieve the purpose of God in his life
When the reason is set, you plan to achieve your purpose.
Even when man failed, God devised a plan for the redemption of man

Mathew 1 and 2
Mary was not the only woman available on Earth but God had a purpose and that’s why He picked her
From the birth of Jesus Christ unto his death on the cross, He fulfilled a purpose

1 John 3:8
The purpose for the manifestation of the son of God (Jesus) is that He will destroy every works of the devil
Men who are afraid of death are men who are yet to achieve or know their purpose. Men who have fulfilled their purpose are not afraid of death.

He prepared a table before me – means a table has been set, different things has been set and the people sitting on the table around me are my enemies but I can eat to my satisfaction and they can do me nothing
We struggle to hear those in power when they speak but those who are not in power struggle to be heard.

Those who are in authority and do not know they are in authority are like animals that die for nothing. But those who know they are in authority, when power is bestowed on you, you go out in the name of Authority
Confront your problem with the authority you have in the name of Jesus

Wake up from your sleep and bind it
Wake up from your sleep and decree a decree
The death of Paul was an excitement, because he fulfilled his purpose
Acts 9:1-15
If you cannot understand, you cannot fulfill
Don’t sleep away, heaven is waiting for you.

There is a reason why you are still on Earth, you either discover it and fulfill it or neglect it and receive the punishment
I challenge you this morning, Ask God what He would have you do
Take your time and speak to God and say “Lord, what will thou have me do?”

You are not here because of me, you are not doing the pastor a favor, you are here to serve God.
If you can see my wrong, cover my nakedness
If the choir didn’t sing well and you notice it, don’t talk, join the choir and you will understand
It is easy to judge
It is easy to criticize
It is easy to condemn

Acts 26:16
Ephesians 1:11, 3:11
Satisfy the longing of your heart to serving God so that at the end, your eulogy will read “He lived, he served God and now he has gone to be with the Lord”
Apart from your day to day activities, apart from your running up and down, it doesn’t matter the age, the earlier the better

Ecclesiastes 8:6
Let us fulfill our call so we won’t see heaven with an outstanding issue
2 Timothy 4:7
There are lives I have touched and changed, if I have not done that I have not fulfilled my mission

Source: Pastor Yakubu Opara

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