Bro gbile Akanni….(right side)


We want to look at God’s provision for old life of flesh, is there a way out and if there is a way out how can we get at it. We don’t just want knowledge but the issue is that God want you to go beyond just the knowledge, it must become an impartation, no man can do it for us except the Lord Himself help us.

Gal. 5:19-21, the Philip Modern Language explain this passage as thus : ” The activities of a lower nature are obvious, here is a list: sexual immortality, impurity of mind, sensuality, worship of false god, witchcraft, hatred, strife, jealousy, bad temper, rivalry, factions, partying spirit, envy, drunkenness, all other things like that.

Verse 21- I solemnly assure you that those who do such things will not inherit God’s kingdom “._ What bothers me most is the conclusion in verse 21.

What you will look at casually and say it’s just a mistake might be a very critical matter that will jeopardize all our effort in the work of God. We want to look at what is God doing to liberate us from the dominion and the tyranny of flesh, that is God’s provision for our deliverance from the flesh.

The provision of the blood:- Immediately what happened in Genesis chapter 3 in the garden of Eden, God started to look at what to do to redeem a man right from the beginning.
I want you to know that the heart of flesh cannot please God, it cannot serve God, in fact, anything flesh touches in the purpose of God is contaminated, anything that comes from the flesh cannot please God.

When man was trying to sew leaves to cover himself, God looked far beyond, He slaughtered an animal to make atonement for skin, even if this is not redemption.

In Genesis 3:22-24, God made a redemptive decision, God chased them away from the garden because He did not want to immortalise the flesh. From this passage God was saying though flesh took over, it must not live for ever, it means there is an end to Mr flesh.
There is an end God want us to experience to the works of flesh in our lives. Our priority is how God will bring flesh to an end in our lives. We don’t want to suppress flesh, even though we suppress it for two or three years, the day it will wake up, it will still strike and spoil all you have done for years.

Imaging a man of God that has been keeping his lust for five years, checking himself not to allow lust, the day his lust rises, all the five years effort he had made is finished completely.
We are always looking for a way out from God, if we say there is no way out, then our gospel is weak.

If God is pointing to a man about what can send him to hell and He did not make a way of delivering him, so why is God saying it. Some of us may say nobody is free from this and you settle into it, I want to tell you that somebody can be freed, God has made provision for us to experience total deliverance.

Right in Genesis, God had instituted that there is going to be a way out when He drove the man from the garden of Eden not to take the tree of life and immortalise himself, God was saying He has not given up on man, I have a plan for him, am still going to use him in my ministry on earth.

From that chapter three all through the old testament, you will discover that the imagination of Mr flesh is continually evil and all efforts to help him had no way, the flesh is actually untamed. If you notice how flesh operate, you will discover that so many things you do, you didn’t want to do it at first……but something keep pushing you to do it

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