THE “TOOLS” OF MINISTRY!!!(Leveraging Your Cutting Edge In The Call)

(Leveraging Your Cutting Edge In The Call)

By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

This short teaching is “FIGURATIVE”; it’s not DOCTRINAL. You can pick one or two lessons from it and apply it to your work.
The goal is to recognize your “tools” of ministry and harness them for God’s profiting.

Ministry can be “fun” really. Ministry can be done with ease. Ministry work can be seamless.
All you need do is to discover your area of strength that gives you a divine leverage and develop it, deploy it, project it, publicize it, blow it up, trusting the Grace of God at work in you.

By “tools of ministry” I mean your specific areas of strength, dimensions of gifting, spheres of grace and operational patterns.
Moses had A ROD – Exo.4:17. Exo.17:9.
Elijah had A MANTLE – 1 Kgs.19:19, 2 Kgs. 2:13-14.
Paul had A PEN – Eph.3:3, 2 Pet.3:15-16.

Look at that friend:
These are special “tools” of ministry peculiar to these aforementioned men of God.
In Scriptures, these three tools also have their corresponding significance.

A ROD is symbolic of THE WORD OF GOD. Our Lord Jesus is the Rod that came out of the stem of Jesse – Isa.11:1 and according to John’s writings, HE’S THE WORD – Jn.1:1-4, 14, 1Jn.5:7.

A MANTLE is symbolic of THE SPIRIT DIMENSION – it talks about THE FLOWS OF THE SPIRIT. The mantle represents the flow of the anointing.
When Elisha took THE MANTLE OF ELIJAH and used it to divide River Jordan, the sons of the prophets exclaimed, “The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha” – 2 Kgs.2:15.
So, the MANTLE is symbolic of THE FLOWS OF THE SPIRIT.

Then A PEN is symbolic of THE WRITING MINISTRY, or put differently THE TEACHING MINISTRY.
This is very straightforward! Paul was a great writer who wrote about two third of the New Testament and his writings have shaped Christianity over the ages like no other apostle’s.

Now, to exemplify this teaching, there are ministers with THE ROD. The Word of God is with them. They make use of THE VOICE to project THE WORD.
When they speak, great things happen. You may not fall under the anointing when they minister, but when they speak WORDS over you, your life cannot remain the same.

You may not fall under the anointing when great men like Pastor E. A. Adeboye or Bishop David Oyedepo minister but God has given them THE ROD.
I don’t think I have personally seen anyone fall under Pastor Adeboye’s ministrations, but guess what; the incredible signs and wonders that follow the spoken words are unimaginable.

I have not really seen people fall under Bishop David Oyedepo’s ministrations but he has “THE WORD OF FAITH” mandate.
When he speaks, you can feel the spiritual force released through his words and great things happen – incredible testimonies are recorded!

Also, there are ministers with THE MANTLE. They’ve got great flows of the Spirit. We talk about great men like Dr. Benny Hinn. They have THE MANTLE!
Benny Hinn may not be releasing “prophetic declarations” to the degree of Pastor E. A. Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo or Bishop Francis Wale Oke, but when he throws at you or waves in your direction under the influence of the anointing, my brother, you’re on your own

Great things happen when men in this stream, minister with the “tools” that God has given them.
People often fall under the anointing, and sometimes tumble and somersault under the Holy Ghost influence and the joy and ectasy is out of this world.

Notice that both MINISTERS WITH THE ROD and MINISTERS WITH THE MANTLE have different operational patterns but SAME RESULTS – signs and wonders attend their ministrations.
And then there are ministers with THE PEN. They’re great writers and a sizeable number of them carry the teaching anointing upon their lives.
You talk about great men like Watchman Nee, Derek Prince, Myles Munroe, Mike Murdock, etc. These are men whose writings have fed generations.
They’ve got THE PEN. Great things happen when you read their materials.

By God’s Grace, and we give all the glory to the Lord; I receive testimonies regularly from people who come in contact with our teachings.
Some tell me that when they’re reading those words, they feel something leave their bodies and they’re liberated; some say it’s as if scales fall off their eyes; some say they feel the tangible manifestions of the anointing and many others say those words invigorate them.

Now I needed to share that to substantiate this teaching and to encourage someone out there. All praise, honour and glory belong to the Lord.
It’s important to find your “tools” of ministry and harness them for your productivity.
Now someone may ask, “Is it possible to be a minister with THE ROD, THE MANTLE and THE PEN at the same time”.

Perfectly possible!!! Like I said, I’m not making a doctrine out of this teaching but showing us “PATTERNS IN SCRIPTURES” and in contemporary times so as to pick one or two lessons.

As a matter of fact, it is my conviction that a sizeable number of ministers will combine “different tools” in ministry, but even with that, a minister must understand God’s order of divine allocation in his calling and be sensitive to the Spirit to intelligently manage and administer multiplicity of grace dimensions.

One major take-away from the fathers of Faith (some of which I mentioned earlier) is that many of them have learnt to recognize their areas of strength in the call over the years and have CONSISTENTLY harnessed them for generational impact.

Baba Adeboye has stayed with his dimensions over the years with infallible proofs.
Bishop David Oyedepo has stayed with “THE WORD OF FAITH” mandate over the years with infallible proofs.
Dr. Benny Hinn has stayed with THE FLOWS OF THE SPIRIT over the years with infallible proofs.
The list is endless!

That’s why we celebrate the Grace of God upon many of them today.
Dear minister, harness your “tools” of ministry without hesitation. Develop your areas of strength without intimidation. Deploy your gifts without manipulation.
And when God by His divine prerogative adds to your dimensions, you then go ahead to obey the Lord.

You don’t have to struggle to minister like other people. There’s a “tool” or “tools” in your hand that will give you a divine leverage in the work of ministry.
May you find it (them) today and may you become a channel and conduit in the hand of the Lord to communicate divine possibilities to generations.

Trust this blessed you,pls kindly share for it to bless another

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