The Mystery Of Prayers – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman

PRAYER is a powerful mystery allocated to the saints for Dominion.
In the parable Jesus shows us how prayer is a powerful Dominion system..He talks about the judge and the widow. The judge has no regards for God or men but the weak widow kept insisting for him to avenge her adversery.

For a while he didn’t mind her..
So it means when you pray, give it time..God is telling you that that’s how it works..
So God is saying be patient..give it time..Your staying power and consistency matters.
Show me a woman who can pray and I will show you a Deborah raising.

Afterwards, the heartless judge decided to grant the woman’s request because he became weary of her.
This is a revelation telling us that our persistence can cause Satan to get weary. That a day can come through consistent prayer you can weary the devil to let you go…..

No matter how weak a man is, if he can sustain praying power, one day something must happen….

I woke up one morning and had a vision of my mother’s funeral..It looked so real..I didn’t sit down and wait for it to happen….. but when I woke up, I prayed..



Listen the first key that governs the mystery of answered prayers
Is that before your prayer touches the throne room, it must be heartfelt.

The first key that will move heaven is the prayer that move you first.
Let me assure you that God is not playing games with men, if your prayer cannot move you, it cannot move heaven.
James chapter 5:16, I will like us to read………..

The Bible was teaching us how to pray and it’s in the character of the scripture…..
It says Elijah was a man of like passion…….
Elijah shut down the heavens and put the key in his pocket.
He said There shall be no rain except at my word…..
And when it was time for rain to fall Elijah prayed for the first time, putting his head beneath his kneels and he cried and travailed.

Let me tell you the kind of prayer that touches heaven,it is the kind of prayer where you pray and forget who is by your side.
You are not looking at makeup, suit or conscious of whether am sweating
No no no
It must be heart felt,, from the depth of your spirit.

Hannah kept crying every time in shiloh but a time came she prayed a heart felt prayer
The Bible says she poured her heart to a point Eli the prophet said why is this woman drunk? …….

The way alot of believers pray you will know that they do not expect an answer,
Are we together,
You pray with all your heart
The Bible says Jesus prayed at Gethsemane it was so heartfelt his sweat was like the drop of blood.

Are you ready to pray? Heartfelt prayer.
When we say pray, you see alot of people strolling around chewing gum,
Let me tell you something, am not being religious but there is a law,
You are contending against forces, it’s like an aeroplane attempting to raise, it must move at the law of aerodynamics, it must sustain capacity to overcome the law of gravity, the flesh has it insufficiency and when you begin to pray, the flesh will exert it wage upon you but it takes power of God to dominate the flesh.

As you generate power in the spirit it’s like a flight, your flesh is weak, you are feeling sleeping, but you understand the law of superiority,
That as it is in the spirit so it will manifest……..
You don’t recieve strength to pray, it’s in the prayer all of a sudden when you flesh is weak, the devil keeps sending all kinds of thought around you, keep praying.

The secret is to keep praying, I tell you there is an escape velocity in the spirit.
There is a level you will go to that it will not longer be your flesh.
Are you ready to pray a heartfelt prayer today?

Many things choke the prayer life of believers. Nothing threatens darkness in the life of a believer like his prayer life. .

The devil can orchestrate many things to terminate the prayer fire, prayer stamina and prayerfulness of a believer.
This doesn’t happen to a selected few but everyone.

Fears, worry, frustration of unanswered prayer, distraction, pain, disappointment, lack of results etc form weight that chokes the prayer life of believers.
The strength of anyone’s walk with God is his prayer life.
The power of anyone’s spiritual life is his prayer life.

The maturity and growth of anyone in the school of the spirit is somewhat dependent on his prayers life.

Signs your prayer life is dying or under attack.


Weak praying.

Inconsistent praying.

Impatience in the place of prayer.

Lack of focus in the place of prayer.


Sinful addictions.

Excessive sleep and slumber.

Emptiness of heart and pollution.

Self will and self centeredness.


Retreat: Retreat means separation or withdrawal. It implies to stay away from people in order to think and search yourself. Retreat is the first thing to do.

Repent: Repentance simply means think and turn. Turning is the proof of repentance not necessarily sobbing. Realigning to your former prayer lifestyle. It may not be in the same strength with your former state but begin from where you realize you’ve fallen.
Retreat will push you into repentance which us turning and sincerely you may not turn once but you must be taking turn and step.

Feeding: You must embark on the deliberate project of feeding your inner man.
Feeding your inner man is key. Get relevant books and tapes on prayer, intimacy with the Holy Spirit, consecration etc and keep feeding on them.
The strength of the inner man determines your focus and Claire in prayer.

Learn to stay joyful: Absence of joy truly kill prayer life. You must not attach your joy to anything other than the faithfulness of God.
Create a system of being joyful around yourself all the time.

Finally, desire to grow in God. Beyond asking God for things seek intimacy. Seek intimacy!.

When your prayer life becomes a tool with which you’re using to pursue God it will be impossible to lose it.
Nothing makes a man in prayers like intimacy. As your intimacy with God wax stronger, your prayers life grows.
Seek a relationship with God not an affair and watch your prayer fire change level.


1. Excessive eating: Eating more than necessary at night will only weaken your body.

2. Sleep: You must train body to sleep less and stay awake. Sleep drain your strength to pray. The truth is, some sleep is an attack.

3. Filthiness of the spirit and soul: Pornography, sex chat and impure thoughts are killers of prayer stamina. Your inner man would always be defeated by feeding your spirit man with filthy and erotic content.

4. Bad atmosphere: Atmosphere you create and find yourself matter alot. If you’re among prayer weaklings, gossip and carnal believers your prayer fire will die. Gossip and backbite would frustrate you.

5. Poor feeding of your inner man. If your spirit man isn’t well fed you can’t be a prayer champion. You don’t listen to sermons, you hardly study the word or Christian articles then your prayer life will be starved to death.

6. Worry: No worrier becomes a prayer warrior. Kill your worry to give life to you prayer stamina.

7. Distraction through watching TV, addiction to social media and boyfriend or girlfriend syndrome. Work on your prayer life.

Prayer number one
Lord help me to pray with all my heart and spirit (heartfelt prayer) and destroy every darkness fighting against your grace in me to pray

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