Bro. Gbinle Akanni

Most times we think it is God who is not ready and we pray as if we want to move a reluctant God. So when nothing happens, we quietly claim that God is not ready to work and due to this unfortunate understanding, we now feel alright sitting, discussing and mourning our sorry state.

But when you come to understand God, you will be humbled to discover that God is actually waiting for you to arise.

He is waiting for a man who will take responsibility, a man who will have the initiative of what God wants to embark upon the earth. This should give you a concern.

He is waiting for you to stand up, be reasonable and responsible enough to take charge of the situation. That is all He needs to act.
Elisha, was committed to God even when there was no sign. He did not know how God was going to do it but all of a sudden God ignited the lepers to move.

Likewise, all you need to do even as a leader is to open the gates. You are to take responsibility for the sluggishness happening in your place and demand the move of God.

As a leader, your own quiet unspoken unbelief has incapacitated you and the people you are leading. God has been persuading you to act, to be willing to take practical steps and demand to see his glory in and around you.

People like John Wesley took responsibility for what God did in their time. They made declarations and God followed it up. When you take a stand, believe God, however He will do it, leave it to Him.

Remember, that God will always honour whatever we have committed Him to do. Not whatever we have committed in His hand but whatever we have committed Him to do.

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