(Sermon-Review): The Love Of God 2 – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman

Good morning God’s people, we hope you had a wonderful night rest. Please let’s have breakfast together In the words of Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

Let me tell you, the revelation of the Love of God is therapeutic, it’s a wonder. That when you stand and look at life and the awareness that the Monarch of the universe has invested His Love in you, it’s a revelation that if understood can change your life. Hallelujah!

People have received calls from presidents, people have received calls from diplomats, I’ve had a few calls in my life from great people, prominent people, and I can tell the excitement in my heart wow! This person, that person, was able to reach out to me, I mean, it’s very comforting and blessing. When the great reach out to you, it does something that is comforting and healing. And then the Monarch of the universe looks down on you. Powerful revelation, in a world of wickedness, in a world of selfishness, in a world that is governed by interests, it is a revelation to know. Jeremiah 31:3, “I have loved thee with an everlasting love, therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee.” It’s a revelation.

After “the Grace”, this my adorable children would be here lined up to give me a wonderful hug, and how I’ve so missed them, and everytime I hug every one of this children, I look at their eyes, and I see the confidence they have in fatherhood. This is what the Bible is saying “I have loved thee”. Do you know what it means to have an everlasting love? I have loved thee with an everlasting love, ah! This is the God of Heaven. Believers hear me, you will draw strength for the journey for your ministry, for your life, for your children, when you understand this, it’s true.
Powerful revelation, the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 2:9 that “eyes have not seen… koinonia hear me, God is comforting someone, ears have not heard, neither has it been revealed to the heart of any man, what God has in stall for them that love Him.” There is a dealing with God that is in the realm of lovers, that God loves you so much, He can sit down and think about you, and plan something for your life that will make you a wonder and a shock.

Please do not forget, that when it comes to the sovereignty of God, God is not a man. It’s a revelation I want you to hear. God is not limited by the limitations of men. Men are limited in knowledge, men are limited in time, men are limited in strength, but there is One who is called the Monarch of the universe. And that when He decides to stand up, and bless you, and lift you, He will supply the strength, and He will lift you the same way you press a button and a lift begins to rise. Is someone being edified tonight?

The revelation of the Love of God. Romans 8:28 says “For we know, we are privy to an information in the Kingdom, we know that all things, not some things, all things work together, please hear me, you lost a loved one, I know it is painful but, hear me, you lost money, you lost business, your expectations disappointed, let me tell you, we know, they may not know, but we know, that all things work together for good to them that love God, and to them who are the called.”

Everything in a man’s life is navigated by the LOVE of God to square up to purpose and destiny, this is the wonder of the LOVE of God. Hallelujah! Moses ran away from the Egyptians, and he went to the back side of the mountain, thinking he was running away from Egypt, he did not know he was running to the place of encounter, where he would meet the burning bush.
Very powerful, It’s amazing how God navigates men through the part of destiny, it’s amazing how many times you don’t even know you’re led, yet you’re led, in the midst of your confusion, the finger of The Ancient of days is upon you, in the midst of your cluelessness about life, yet He His guiding you by His Spirit, and then when you see the wonder of His intelligence, you will stand back and join people and say You are truly the Monarch of the universe.

I have seen this with my life, this is how koinonia started, I have seen this at different seasons of my life, let me tell you something, do not stand the way of the wisdom of God over a man that He loves. Do not stand the way of the wisdom of God. The intelligence of God is so thorough, He ensures that you win. The love of God. Let it be a revelation that is in your heart, don’t give room and allow the devil to take advantage of your life, and spy upon your liberty, no! Stand in the strength of the revelation of the love of God, for we know, look at this, one day you will need this scripture, sooner or later. For we know, man of God hear me, for we know, business man, father, for we know, Apostle I lost my father and mother this year, I know it is painful, it doesn’t make sense, but watch the intelligence of the one who designed the heavens and the earth.

Listen! Anytime your life looks clueless, tell yourself, “keep watching.” I’ve never had the opportunity to be, well I had once, I’m confessing now, once, in a drama group, when I was in primary school, so fortunate, I acted a rich man, I will never tell you the name, I know how bad you people are, you will not forget the name when I say it. They called me a wonderful name, they gave me pieces of paper and leaves, I was a politician in that drama, I would spray money, and people would clap for me, and so on and so forth. That was the only time I remember, okay well, a few other Christmas dramas here and there. But there’s something I know about acting, that there is someone called a movie director. The movie director is the one invested with the intelligence of producing that movie. Sometimes the actors do not even understand the stretch, they just know that in that movie, you are acting.

Do you know what it means to be mindful of a man? That means you sit down and invest your thoughts, to understand this you must understand architecture, while you’re talking to an architect, he is thinking, okay, so what do you want, and you’re telling the architect, okay I need it a duplex, I need three parlors, one for business, one for family, one for this, I need a kitchen as large as a living room, I need this, and while you’re describing it, the architect is intelligently, he’s adding imagery to what you’re saying, and even things you want that you don’t know, by reason of his experience, he’s filtering your amateur communication, and he’s adding his intelligence on it, this is what this guy meant to say, while you’re talking, your heart too is talking, and he’s listening to both of them, and capturing them in the design of that house. When he’s done and he brings you, and you stand, you say if I were to draw it, it would not look like this, beauty, glory, elegance. This is what the Bible means.
That when God sits down in designing your destiny, He designs it thoroughly with His intelligence, He designs it in such a way that insists that you arrive. Have you seen architects design building and later on they find out that ah, this soil, the topography is not conducive, they say no problem, they have to make adjustments, but that building must come out.
Am speaking to someone, in The name of Jesus Christ the Son of The Living God, the blueprint and the design for your destiny, it must be actualized in your life time! In the name of Jesus the Son of the Living God.

Every building does not look like it till it’s finished. Every preacher does not look like it till God is done with him. Every worshipper does not look like it. Everybody say “the LOVE of God”, it’s a powerful revelation, that God loves me. You know, I think in the last, I don’t know how many years now, it has become a deep revelation, sometimes, I think in life ehn, as you grow in ministry, in leadership, and in age, certain truths of Scripture begin to crystalize in you again. Are we getting blessed?

Please settle with the love of God. Because there are some of you here, look at me, your father’s, your mother’s, your loved ones, and everybody has concluded about you, and you may not know the effect of that thing in your life, until you get to a point where you just say “can anything good come out of Nazareth,” but the love of God.
Look what God is doing in this ministry, look what God is doing in our lives, I continue to watch people as they grow in the Spirit, I continue to watch people transit like from egg, larva, pupa, adult. From a little shrub, God is making many of us to become gaints. It does not look like it but, be patient with God, and watch the wisdom, I say it again, of the Ancient of days. It’s a name He has to Himself.

Listen to me, please listen to me, life 24hours already has by default programmed in it too many things to annoy you. You will age yourself to death if you hand your life over to life to treat you, you must define your possibilities. The days that we live in now, are days that Joy must be a choice. Switch on your television, and in 5minutes you’ve heard something that annoyed you, you must choose to maintain your joy. Go to visit your child in school, and you will see a teacher treating your child in a way…, you are waiting for your child to return with a WAEC result, and you will see something that does not bring you encouragement.

Hear me, any other thing you base for your joy, will disappoint you. It must be the joy of the Lord, as your strength. Has God comforted someone tonight?
The joy of the Lord, choose to be happy. You receive a call from home, “are you aware of the kind of, I mean there’s no money anywhere, we are going to die,” and you say mommy calm down, “why should I calm down?” Because God is still the Monarch of the universe, there is always a way out. Two of you cannot be under pressure, you choose to be under pressure, or God under pressure. He says, “the Keeper of Israel, the Keeper of the covenant” not a person. That means, listen, when CGC is locked, the key is with someone, if that person does not come, we are in trouble. So when we want to access a place, the keeper of the key is important. So when the Bible says, the keeper of Israel, you think it’s talking about a nation, no Israel means covenant.
There is the Keeper of the covenant of my destiny, there is the Keeper of the covenant of your destiny, there is the Keeper of the covenant of Koinonia, there is the Keeper of the covenant of the prophesy upon your life.

See let me tell you this, look at me, Satan is a roaring lion, if you allow his roar scare you, you will never be able to defeat the lion, and cut the head, and move, no, no, no, no. Life would stand and claim bold face for you, you must sustain the intelligence in the Spirit, to say with joy will I draw.
They see you bending for a long time, and wonder what you are doing, and all of a sudden, you draw out, prosperity, speed, increase, lifting, and while you draw it out, people would just stand and say, what is this, the joy of the Lord.
Listen to me, it is in your lifetime you would build that house, it is in your lifetime a day would come you will not think about money again, it is in your lifetime the anointing you seek, one day you will no longer seek it because it is now with you, listen to me, my brothers and my sisters, it is in your lifetime that you would smile again.

There is a name God is called, the God of Jeshurun, He is called the One that rides upon the wings of the wind. Let God be true, and let every man, let every report, medical report, let every system be a liar, let God be true, and let every ministry report be a liar, let God be true and let every academic report be a liar, let God be true and let every financial report be a liar, let God be true and every career report be a liar.
Listen to me, please hear me, many years ago, I remember one day I was sitting down somewhere in the campus, and I saw a plane passed, and I was looking at it, amd the Lord told me, that the word would take you into that plane many times. I believed Him. The Lord spoke to me that a time would come, nations would come, and would drink from that which He has put upon our lives, I believed Him.

Listen, you have gone too far with God to turn back, remember Lots’ wife, remember Lots’ wife, husband and wife, remember Lots’ wife, CEOs, business men, remember Lots’ wife, men and women of God, remember Lots’ wife. That if you turn aside in the day of battle your strength is small. You must obtain Grace to fight till you win. You must obtain Grace, listen! Obtain Grace to stand and face your fears. Fight and win.
Oh, they say you have cancer, oh, they say your genotype would never change, that’s nonsense, obtain Grace from God. Oh they say your children would never be responsible, oh they say your life is finished. See, let God be true, I’m teaching you how to win in life.

We hope this blessed you, please share
Have a blessed day!
We love and celebrate you!

Source: Philip Levi

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