Whom the crown will come upon, is been decided in the secret, then coronation takes place openly.
Many falls victims of the worldly activities, when they thought God is delayed, or he has waisted much time.

Patience is one of the fruit of the holy Spirit, it helps us in our awaiting time.

My generation want to pick up gold on the surface of the ground, but how possible is it?
Elisha was targeting something, it took him his time, his pleasures, his comfort etc, until he got that.
Why are we tired of this race, knowing fully well that the crown is not yet on our head, we’ve not yet received the rewards, then why are you backsliding?

Why has thou forsaken your secret place of waiting?
Recently I discovered a lot of illusions on Facebook.
Many who are shouting for fire can’t wait for 30 minutes in prayer.
Tarry until you carry
As far as you’re subject to your spiritual father base on impartation, you can’t be greater than him.

Because impartation is like having 100%, when he release 5%, he still remain the boss.
You could remember, Moses with 70 elders of Israel, that’s impartation, Moses remain the boss, who discuss the weightier matters.
Impartation without sustainment does not last,
Secret place brings sustainment.

Many are trying to manifest before their time, causing a lot of havoc in the body of Christ.
What you didn’t work for you might not know how to handle it when it come.
You want to understand the operations of the Holy ghost, you must not abandoned your night Prayers, because that’s the time spirit function effectively, the silent hour of the night.

Discover mystery during this time, not all time is for sound dozing.
In your waiting hour, many will mock you,
Don’t give them face, because you know what you’re expecting.

But I want to assure you, when you will carry, those who have mocked you will serve you.
Many are trying to become public figures but they have neglected their secret place of waiting.

Jacob thought he was doing well, until he discovered in the secret place, he has a big problem in him, his name was his limitations.

When james was killed God didn’t respond, Peter was arrested, God didn’t respond, until the disciples entered the secret then God respond and delivered Peter from prison.

Many are carrier of emptiness,
Speaking empty tongues,
Quoting google rhema, they are miserable personality.
One day you will discovered their reality.
I still love you

End time crier!

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