No doubt BBNaija is rated 18+,still its not for a believer even if you are 1000years old.

Wait what is even the meaning of this concept 18+

When it comes to sexual content, there’s nothing like 18+.

Do not watch something you won’t allow a child to watch.

This is the lie the devil is selling to us. “You’re now “old enough” to watch “mature content.”

You’re a child too. A child of God.

Do not give the devil a foothold in your life.

From 18+, he will introduce porn, lust, masturbation, lewdness, fornication, adultery and other sexual sins.

If you intend to keep your heart and mind pure, watch what you watch.

Do not continue exposing yourself to lewd visual content or, you’ll ever continue battling with sexual sins and addictions.

You may say it’s not porn na. And there are other “wonderful” activities there, apart from the sex scenes. That’s probably why you’re also watching BBNaija.

Just listen to yourself, child of God

Hehe. It’s like you don’t know the devil. He’s a trickster. He’s been here for ages and knows exactly how to keep us in sin.

Let me ask you a question. If I want to poison you, will I give you a bag of poison?


I will put it in nicely prepared food. That’s what 18+ is. Sweet food with poison.

Another question. If I put the poison on one side of the food and give it to you, will you agree to eat the parts that were not poisoned?


The poison on one side has contaminated the entire food. No matter how attractive and delicious the meal looks, you will never collect it from me. You will still be poisoned anyway.

So, why do you make comments like, “there are still nice things in the movie or show, asides the sex and make out scenes?”

No matter how attractive the whole thing looks, child of God, it has poison. Reject it the way you’ll reject poisoned food.

Like food is to the stomach, so are the things you watch. Feed your heart, mind and soul wisely. Sometimes your body.

Do not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy.

I repeat, there’s nothing like 18+.

If it’s 18+, then it’s not meant for you.

You’re a child of God.

BBN scenes

The Devil has upgraded his strategies and ways on how to get the believers distracted. He goes an extra length of reviewing his strategies, and then modify them to bring more believers under his influence. The devil knows he can’t possess a body already possessed by the Holy Spirit, but he can influence the Believer if ignorant.

One of his major strategy is pornography. The enemy have seen that when a believer watches pornography, he feel uncomfortable and a guilt of Sin overshadows Him or Her

Today we have modified porn all over the Media. The devil uses other channels like movies and music videos in order to fulfil his aim,which is to increase immorality among young people.

BBNaija is one of the tools for achieving this aim.BBNaija is not just a reality show, it’s a spirituality show. BBNaija is pornography in HD.The aim is to show real pornography in the life of real people.

There is no doubt that the government is not concerned about it’s effects on people,if not they would have banned the program especially in this lockdown period when social distancing must be observed.

Well stories have been circulating for some time that the Big Brother Africa Logo is similar to the mysterious religio – economic entity Illuminati known for the all Seeing Eye as seen in the BBA logo.

The purpose of this post is not to stir up argument, but to let this world know that we are in the world but not of the world. We are Royal priesthoods, vessels unto honour. You cannot be spiritually minded and watch BBNaija.


God bless you….. Jesus is coming soon

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