I HAVE A STORY TO TELL – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman


There was a day in my life when I could not afford meal of thirty naira (#30)….
Everybody you see successful today have a story..
Let me tell you………

I remember times when I will use bread and put groundnut inside……
And buy ginger ten naira (#10) …
I remember I will lift it and say I turn this into communion….
Since I can’t even afford the food….
let me not waste the spiritual process.

And I will sing
He lead me and guide me ….
to the city up above.

I say I will not compromise my character…
No telling lies…
I stand as a man….
I was created to endure.
The capacity to go through pressure is called courage…..
Many people has lost their Identity….

Tonight I’m speaking to you prophetically… Leave those false lives and take up a posture that you were designed for….

The first time the Lord told me to go to a state for a crusade…
We were just few…..
we didn’t have much but I said.. “Lord I have nothing but the faith of the son of the Lord Jesus Christ And I will stand.”
After the first crusade….I was in debt of one hundred and fifty thousand naira….
It look like a small amount now…..
Some of you were born in A.C…..
I couldn’t pay for it….but with the tears in my eyes……

Tears is not a sign of weakness…
It’s a symbol of strength….
And I stood and I say…”lord I know that you are faithful and your word is true.”
Every time a man of God is about to prophecy.. Whenever I went for meeting…
Let me tell you the truth….
when I went for meeting…..
I didn’t just go for entertainment….
Other were laughing but my spirit was open… Every time there is a word …I say “this is me”…

I know what it means to go through financial hardship. Years ago, we finished a crusade and I did not have the money to pay the sound people. They were almost going to arrest me for preaching the gospel because a dimension of kingdom wealth was not added to my understanding..

The sick were healed..
Blind eyes were opened..
Deaf ears were unstopped..
But I was still in troubled.

No matter what level you are, there is still a higher dimension. The Anointing flows from our scars. Your scar is the opening that allows the oil to flow.
Run away from people who don’t have scars, they can not bless you. They can only hope to bless you.

We stand by the privilege of God’s grace unashamed from our pains and scars, that’s is where our oil flows from. Death has worked in us, so that life can work in others.

I know what it means to be embarrassed financially. Sometimes, God let you to go through things you will be saving people from. That is the only way to create compassion in your heart. When you are too detached from the pain of others, the anointing can not flow because compassion is a receipt that you have gone through the school of the Spirit and compassion comes on the wings of pain.

This may be a message for some of you, that what you are going through now, where death ends is also where resurrection starts. Do not be ashamed of where you are.

I assure you, there are people who have seen the end of where you are going. The end is peace!
You will get to realms where only those who have scars are allowed to pass through that door and you will find out that many are too innocent to be blessed.

The scars you think is an object of your shame will become a reason why a crown is put on your head. Do not be ashamed of your mistakes..!

I know that this word is and was for me…
And today to the glory of God….
To the glory of his majestic……it was really for me.

See Koinonia, to be purged is important, the Bible says our light affliction which is but for a moment, it says that it worketh in us a far more exceeding weigh of glory…………

See let me tell you a day will come you that is looking at me / (reading this) you will give out cars you will look at your bank account and get down on your kneels and say where did this come from?

All these things people chase after and they use it to intimidate you, look be patient, no man has the monopoly of the blessings of God, be patient.
Climb your bike with honor, pastor you are on that bike? , wave them with honor, don’t feel stupid, and say let me hide the Bible.

One day they will be waiting for a bike and a bike will not come, but what will come is not a car, it’s glory……..

Listen if you are sick here don’t kill yourself, you are not the first to be sick, you are not the first believer to be sick, if it’s finances that are not working take it easy..

What ever it is that has happened be patient, you were so embarrassed, the house you are staying you told lies that it was not your house it was your neighbors house because you don’t want people to know you are still in one room, be patient.

I will stay till my appointed time, I will stay.
Let me pray a prayer for you…
I pray the prayer that Jesus prayed, it says Peter, Satan had desire to sift you like a wheat but I pray for you that your faith fail not.

My prayer for you is that your faith will not fail.
Listen to me, by this prayer stop all this talk “God where are you?” He is still there, I pray may your faith fail not.
House rent is too small to be an issue to disturb God he is an ever present help don’t ask “where are you?” you may not see him, You make not see the results but in the name of Jesus may your faith be strong.

God bless you…….

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