“I Was In The Deeper Life Bible Church Choir In 1986” – PASTOR PAUL ENENCHE

Pastor Kumuyi and Pastor Paul eneche


In the year of 1979 I had encounters with The Lord. God’s servant Pastor E.A. Adeboye was in Otukpo then. 78 and 79. We were young men we came up (and surrendered our lives to Christ) but like young men, we got influenced again and slacked down but in the Higher Institution in 1986, my life was going in a particular direction and one night on the 12th of May of 1986 around 2am my heart was beating so fast and I had a visitation and the voice said “If you die now where are you going?” I said “I don’t know where I’m going.” He said ”But you can know now.”

Long story made short, within 2 hours (between 2am to 4am) I rededicated my life to Christ and gave myself over to God in that 1986. It was on the Campus and I began to look for which fellowship (to join) and I had (and still have) a brother who is still a member of Deeper Life Church till today and I remembered how he had invited us to Deeper Life Church several times.

I looked forward to Deeper Life Campus Fellowship. I went to the Campus Fellowship, cleaned the chairs before the others arrived, and then stood outside to usher people who were old members of the fellowship and they were looking at me and wondering “Which Old Usher is this’? and this was my first time. I ushered them all in.

Pastor Kumuyi and Pastor Paul eneche

I became a very fervent member of the Deeper Life Campus fellowship. We would take buses from the Campus to the church in town every Sunday. I became a member of the Deeper Life Choir, and I was involved here and there. I’m saying all these to let us know that some people think that when they see a person, he just happened. No sir. We have a history. We didn’t just happen. When you see me stand with intensity and speak on Holiness, and speak on righteousness, and speak on Character, speak on integrity, speak on Consecration, speak on Sanctification; there is a root from where it came and there is no way it can leave.

I tell people that the challenge we have in our generation today is that many ministers just came into the gospel without the foundation of holiness, character, sanctification. They just met the prosperity gospel in the middle and as a result of that, there is so much that is going on; And what you don’t know, you can’t tell another person. Where you have not been through, you cannot pass another through. And that has been my encounter. We went to IBTC Ayobo in lagos for Campus fellowships and retreats and so on. And these are formative things that built our lives and will remain with us permanently. And we are grateful!…

I’m glad to let you know also that I was in the Deeper Life Bible Church Choir in the Otukpo Church… in 1986.

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