Apostle Johnson Sulieman

We live in a world where people abuse the mercy of God. Because grace is available, that doesn’t mean that we should not place value on it.

Apostle Suleman started his testimony by saying that because one is under grace doesn’t mean that the person should go and touch a naked electricity wire.

He said people don’t listen to the warning of God. God warned you not to marry a girl and you went ahead saying you will pray over it. He further said that 90% of the people who had crisis in marriage, saw the sign but they went ahead.

A lot of people are in traps because they think they can change what is against the will of God by praying not knowing that in doing so they have become the enemy of God.
Heeding to God’s warning is very important in the life of a Christian because it will save the person from doom.

Several people heeded to God’s warning in the Bible and they got saved while others ignored God’s warning and they perished.

Over 20 years ago in Benin City, Edo State, Apostle Suleman was in a car heading to Auchi and as the car was driving out of the park, he said someone who was in another car that was entering the park was telling him Pastor Pastor come down from the car.

He said he heard the voice and he told the driver of their car that he wants to get down, the driver became angry including other passengers and they told him if he gets down from the car he won’t be allowed to enter again .

He came down from the car and went inside the park and asked them about the car that just came in. They told him no car entered the park, he insisted that a car just entered the park

The car park operators replied him saying “Oga no car entered the park” Apostle suleman became worried and he ran back to the car where he came down from, unfortunately, the car had left.

He waited for some time and got another car and when they got to a place called IGIEDUMA he saw the car he was in before in a terrible situation. The car had an accident and everyone died except the driver. The driver lost control and rammed into a trailer. The front seat where Apostle Suleman was sitting before was squeezed beyond recognition.

If Apostle Suleman had not listened to the warning from God, there wouldn’t be anything like Omega Fire Ministries today.

May God open our spiritual eyes to behold his warning, may he open our ears to hear when he speaks.
The testimony was culled from his 2019 message
“When God Is An Enemy”

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