Poem: If I Miss Heaven

Jesus Christ

Pls I want Us to Take…. cognizance of this….this is coming from my Heart

If i miss Heaven,I missed the rapture…..I miss all

If I miss Heaven I miss His glory……If I miss Heaven All is lost, shame is come

If I Miss Heaven,I Can Never Miss Hell…….So My Bible Tells

If I miss Heaven….What Then Is Life, How Could I have lived My Life before I left it

If I Miss Heaven….I would Miss His splendor,His grace,His Majesty

If I miss Heaven,I could never miss Hell…..If I Miss Heaven, Demons and Powers I prayed against might prey on me

If I Miss Heaven what would I tell the son of Man Who died for me and paid the price…….If I miss heaven what would I tell the apostles who strived for the faith

If I miss heaven….I have no excuse,Money would not help me,All I care about now would not help, They would not help !

But I Would Not Dare Miss Heaven,cos I have nothing else to gain than my home…….my place of beauty

Grace I Pray Lord Jesus,grace I pray……..May I Not Miss My Home

Are You Saved Today….. If not, accept Jesus As Lord and personal savior…..

Jesus Is Coming Soon

Rapture Is Here !……. Heaven Is Real

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