MEN OF HIS PRESENCE!!!(The Trademark Of The Fathers)

Dr. Cerrullo & Papa Ayo Oritsejafor

By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Some years ago, I attended a meeting in Ibadan organized by Papa, Bishop Francis Wale Oke where he invited Dr. Morris Cerrullo to minister.
Dr. Cerrullo came in the company of Papa Ayo Oritsejafor. He had earlier preached for Papa Oritsejafor at his church, Word Of Life Bible Church, Warri, Delta State.

So the next port of call was The Sword Of The Spirit Ministries a.k.a Christ Life Church, Ibadan under the leadership of Baba, Bishop Francis Wale Oke.
To cut the long story short, Dr. Morris mounted the podium and ministered. It wasn’t really a long sermon but very short and I can never forget the impression that meeting made on my heart.
As he was speaking, the entire atmosphere in that big auditorium became electrified with God’s dynamic and magnetic power and the presence of God was palpable – you could cut it with a knife.
Papa Morris Cerrullo spoke about the future of the Nigerian Church; the strategic place that the Church in Nigeria occupies in God’s end-time agenda.

He spoke about the Church growth move in Nigeria, the massive harvest of souls and the “financial anointing” that God had released upon the Church in Nigeria.
I remember among other prophetic declarations, he said, “Thus saith the Lord to the Church in Nigeria. I have released a financial anointing upon you”.

Years before, Dr. C. Peter Wagner had earlier given a word to leaders in the Nigerian Church about the wealth that God was releasing to the Nigerian Church and also its strategic role in gathering the end-time harvest.
That meeting in Ibadan where I heard and saw Dr. Morris Cerrullo made an indelible impression on my heart.

The spiritual force and vibration released during his ministration was audible to the deaf and visible to the blind – the words carried much power.
The impartation was undeniable. That day, I practically touched a dimension of the manifest presence of God that was characteristic of the healing revival in America because Dr Morris was like the major voice left of that move on the face of the earth, and now, he has taken a bow.

The major thing I saw was that these men are MEN OF HIS PRESENCE. They knew the presence of God and knew God at the level of intimacy; not just at the level of preaching.
A lot of them that have gone home and the fathers that are still very much with us know one thing and you can’t take that from them – THE PRESENCE OF GOD.

Some of them don’t speak much but their words carry weight in the Spirit. Some of them may not know all the Greek and the Hebrew but they know the voice of God.
The revelation of God in their hearts has sustained them on this journey for decades.
The things often taken for granted by the younger generation are what they pay keen attention to, for they know the mood and heartbeat of the One Who called them.

They know God not just at the level of DEMONSTRATION but at the level of INCUBATION.
Friend, your primary assignment as a minister is not to SPEAK but to WAIT – to wait upon the Lord day and night – Isa.40:21.
The Lord told Moses:
EXODUS 24:12
And the LORD said unto Moses, Come up to me into the mount, AND BE THERE: and I will give thee tables of stone, and a law, and commandments which I have written; THAT THOU MAYEST TEACH THEM.
I love this! Look at that:

  1. Come up.
  2. Be there. No hurry hurry – Ecc.8:3.
  3. I will give you what I have WRITTEN not what you’re “THINKING”.
  4. Then you may go teach – that’s MINISTRY but it starts from His presence.
    A minister of His presence therefore experiences the following in their order of importance:
    A strong and lasting ministry is not anchored on the ability to speak English but the ability to wait in His presence, even though it’s good to speak good English.
    It is in His presence that we’re nourished and we get our strength renewed to last on this journey.
    Check it out friends; there is ONE THING we cannot take away from the fathers – THEY ARE MEN OF HIS PRESENCE.
    Ask Baba E. A. Adeboye and other fathers of Faith. While our generation may have the hype and the hoopla, packaging and increased technological awareness, LET’S NOT FORGET TO BE MEN AND WOMEN OF HIS PRESENCE.
    That’s one major strength of fathers like Dr. Morris Cerrullo that made them strong, preaching in over 150 nations without breaking down till they took their flight to the pinoins above.
    May our generation find that Source of strength and tap into it, not chasing after the shadows but standing in His presence day and night for renewal of strength.
    Trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

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