Maintaining The Courage For Holiness In A Corrupt Community- W.F Kumuyi

W.F Kumuyi

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi encourages all believers with the Theme, Maintaining the Courage For Holiness In A Corrupt Community. His message was centered on the Book of Revelation chapter 2 vs 12-17.

In his message he said the days are evil and many people are becoming hopeless and doing terrible things that is beyond human imagination. But as a Christian that have another home in view, we should not relent in our serving God. But we are to endeavor to stand firm on the truth wherever we find our selves.

From Revelation Chapter 2: 12, He spoke about he that has the two sharp sword with two edges. He said the sharp sword is to conquer all adversaries, and grant conviction to the sinners to repent of their sins.

He further said in his message, though we may be christian, serving the Lord and walking as believers. We have to mindful and watchful of the little areas in our lives that can cause our downfall, like fornication, false doctrine and others. Mindful of false prophets in the likes of Balaam among those who call them selves believers and are busy deceiving the strong believers, causing them to fall from the faith. As Christian we have to be mindful and watchful at all times, for the Antichrist prevailing in the World.

If you know in your heart that you are a backslider and have fallen away from the faith, Revelation 2: 16 admonishes you to repent quickly or else there is condemnation and damnation awaiting you.

Summarily, Pastor Kumuyi admonishes and encourages all believers to Stand firm on the truth, no matter the persecution, trails and opposition. Dare to be the hero for God’s kingdom.
Have a firm conviction that others cannot sway, the Bible also said the Love of many would wax Cold, we should not allow this scripture to come to fulfilment in our lives. He gave examples of courageous Hero of old, in the likes of Daniel, The three Hebrew children, Paul, Peter, John and the rest of Jesus disciples. Apostle Paul (Hebrew 11:27).

Pastor Kumuyi’s said we should hold firm to God, be mindful of our language, our Actions, our deeds, and communication with others. There is a reward awaiting every believer on the Final day. Because we are not of this World. God has prepared a final place of rest for all believers to be with Lord at Last.
This is a great message for Every Christian at a time like this. It should never be ignored.

I pray God Give every believer, the Courage and grace to Stand Firm For Holiness, in this corrupt World.

I pray God will Bless Pastor W F Kumuyi. And give him more grace to continue preaching the Undiluted Word of Holiness. AMEN.

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