The Unnoticed Sacrifices Of A Pastor


There Are Many Things You Don’t Know About Your Pastor – His Numerous Unnoticed Sacrifices…..His days Of Agony for the work of God to strive

● No one notices the pastor’s tears. ● No one notices the pastor’s hunger.
● No one notices the pastor’s pains.
● No one notices an unfair judgement against him.
● No one notices pastors when they bleed while leading.

● Pastors cry inside and clean their faces outside, No one knows.

● Many days they go to Church hungry and depressed, yet they put up a smile so they could be able to minister the word effectively and be a blessing to their members. No one knows it.

● They experience marital challenges and yet behave well/normal. No one notices it.

● They are criticized wrongly. No one cares to find out the truth.

● They stand in the battle front and received dangerous arrows that was meant for their members and in the process they bleed.
Yet no one knows!

● They have not paid their house rent but they give out money to help members. Even when there’s no food in their home, yet they give out food to members who don’t have. No one knows!

● Many nights they don’t sleep because a member is sick or in trouble. No one knows.

● They go to mountains to pray and seek for God’s power. They deny themselves of food and pleasure, fasting and praying for increase in anointing, Yet when God answers their prayers and release the anointing to heal and do miracles, they will call them fake.
IT HURTS, and no one knows.

● They live a life of sacrifice. They can’t do what others do freely. Yet no one knows.

● Even when they are under satanic attack or terribly sick, they still carry people along and still pray for those that are sick, nobody cares to know.

● Respect your pastor.
● Pray for your pastor.
● Encourage your pastor.
● Celebrate your pastor.

Stop Judging your pastors because of what you heard about them or saw.

God bless you as you honour your pastor.

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