Not everyone in Your life can be joked with….some might come into your life for it’s betterment,so be vigilant.

There are 3 levels of people in your life that cannot be joked with…..

1) YOUR SUPERIORS: You learn from them, you don’t try to compete with them otherwise you’ll loose out of what they are supposed to teach you, in your life you’ll always have this set of people, they might be very humble enough to relate with you, but you must be wise not to cross your boundary. God brings them to our lives to teach us what would have caused us years to know. Don’t give in to familiarity, it can ruin his/her impact in your life.

2) YOUR MATES: You call them you friends, you gist and play together, you learn from each other. People in this category in your life, you find it easy to relate personal issues with them. You both set goals & can also achieve them together. You don’t over esteem yourself to be better than them because it is possible of ruining the relationship.

3) YOUR JUNIORS: This set of people are in your life to be taught and helped by you. Looking down on them can really frustrate their life. They see you as someone who can teach them but when you look down on them, it can be really painful for them to get back on their feet.

NOTE: This 3 set of people might be wrong at any given point in time in your relationship with them, we always say nobody is perfect.

But you as a good Christian, be humble enough to always do good because you have to, not to act negatively because someone did what you didn’t really like.

Live peaceably with all men. Romans 12:18.
Now that you have read this, i believe you will know how to relate with everybody or friends in your life.

Stay Safe, Stay blessed

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