5 Ways To Manage The Church’s Money As A Pastor

How To Manage The Church’s Money

Managing money involves a lot of wisdom. It is important to use wise principles to manage the money of your church.
Over spiritualizing financial issues is the number one cause for the financial confusion that plagues many churches.

However this article hopes to provide ways by which money gotten from the work of God can be managed with wisdom….some strategies have been provided below :

(1) Avoid debt:
Although this instruction sounds simple, it is probably the most profound piece of advice i could give to any ministry. Debts have closed down many churches.

Debts have deceived many pastors into a false sense of prosperity. Debts have deceived pastors into overextending themselves. Many borrow until they cross the threshold where they have borrowed too much.

In relation to debt, there are two schools of thought.
Some believe that it is necessary to borrow in order to prosper. But i believe in the second school of thought, that you can prosper without borrowing money.

(2) Employ wisely and carefully:
The more people you employ, the more salaries you have to pay. As the saying goes, the fewer the merrier. It is possible to do many things with a few employees. It is possible to accomplish much with fewer but well qualified people.

There is nothing prestigious about having many employees in your ministry.
God did not call you to create jobs, He called you to win souls.

(3) Do not start a grandiose projects which is far bigger than the size of your ministry,If not led:
You may never finish it and your church members may be discouraged by the unending nature of your building project.

There are many huge building projects which are impressive to men but which God did not initiate.
Unfortunately, many of these grandiose projects are empty or half filled shortly after completion. Some churches are only filled on the day of their dedication.

Grandiose building projects inflict great stress on the senior pastor.
These stressed out pastors tend to preach mostly about finances because there is a great and pressing need for money.

(4) Meet the needs of the church before you meet the needs of the pastors:
For instance, put up a building for the church before you build a mansion for the senior pastor. This generates much confidence and inspires the church members to give.

Although church members will encourage the pastor to buy the nicest car for himself, do not be deceived.
Many members have mixed feelings about their pastors prosperity. On one hand, they are happy that he is doing well, but on the other HAND, they wonder whether the money is being used wisely.

(5) Since you cannot explain the source of all your blessings as a pastor, it is wise not to openly display every possession you have.

I pray that God will help us in Jesus name.

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