Pastor E. A. Adeboye

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG), Pastor E.A. Adeboye has said our tongue may be the reason why God is silent over our matter.

“As powerful a weapon as your tongue is, if it is of the devil, it cannot work against him, that is reason why many people use the word of God in certain situations but no effect”.

Daddy Adeboye made this disclosure in the 2nd July 2020 digest of the daily devotional manual, ‘Open Heavens’.

He said the owner of our tongue determines who controls it. Many, according to the anointed man of God, have sold their tongue to the devil by what comes out of their mouth.

“The kind of tongue you have is determined by the kind of words rolling off it regularly. If your tongue is regularly used for dirty slangs, worldly music, abusive words , the devil marks it as his own. If that same tongue now turns around to cast demons, they would have a good laugh…..because a house divided against itself cannot stand…..A tongue that belongs to the devil cannot cast him out”

Daddy G.O , as he is fondly called, admonishes us to let the words that comes out of our mouths be full of grace and be seasoned with salt. He said God knows those who are His and answer to them only.
“Many people pray in the name of Jesus, but He does not show up for them because He knows His own…..it is good to prophesy, it is good to make confession, but the power of your prophecy is determined by the owner of your tongue “

Pastor Adeboye said God can only consider our tongue as His if we use it for these purposes, which are:

  1. Preach the gospel
  2. Words of God comes out regularly from our mouth.
  3. Words are seasoned with salt
  4. Avoid dirty languages.
    In conclusion, he said God has a gift for everyone counted as His:
    “God touches tongues that belongs to Him with COAL OF FIRE and every word that comes out of it will come out with POWER.

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