SUNDAY’S WORD: What Is Your Download In The Spirit

Download In The Spirit

I was doing a dry fast three days last year in my church,as I was coming back from the church i sat inside a bus so ,a lady came into the bus with a small girl and she was crying and making a lot of noise,the mother was trying to calm her down but to no avail,so I carried the girl,as she was crying she looked into my eyes and in two minutes she slept.

I gave her to her mother and the mother was looking at me,till we got to Dutse as I came down she also followed and said sir can I talk to you,I said okay she said sir who are you,aha me I was thinking I have done something wrong because she tied hijab and I knew she was a Muslim so my heart started beating.

But she said my daughter had maleria with boil on her butt,since yesterday she has been crying we were coming back from general hospital right now but how did she manage to sleep on your laps sir.

she said sir you must tell me today,I told her God had healed her daughter,she said Amen as I wanted to leave she said sir ,I want to know this Jesus,I have been asking myself which way is the right way but it’s seems through you I have seen the right way,kai
After sometime I led her to Christ.

Now my brother can I ask you a question,how manage you go for evangelism and people are sick and you shun it.
How manage you haven’t received power and you are now shouting if I be a man of God,
How manage you haven’t been anointed by God and you are busy shouting am a man of power

Sir when John the Baptist came to this earth he knew there was a prophesy on his head so he knew he had to bring it to pass and that was why he went into the wilderness until the day of his showing forth,
Even When Jesus came before he started his ministry He went into the wilderness and fasted for fourty days and nights before he came out

And you just four month of salvation,no fasting,no prayer and you want to go and open ministry,how
See sir there is no man who made impact that didn’t pay the price,
Sir you say you are anointed and you don’t want to go out for evangelism……Daddy G.O

I respect you sir,you don’t know that souls are perishing,you think the power given to you is for show off and to make yourself popular so you stay at home

The Joshua of our time who are supposed to be submitting to Moses are now priding themselves calling themself Apostles

Social media is a very useful platform but doesn’t display our natural state in the secret,so you think you can come up and post lies and go,aaa my brother I Duff my cap for you ooH,
God is looking for men of stature that will wait in prayers,But the problem is there are no men,kai

The Deborah of our time is now using their beauty to make money for themselves not knowing there is an army that they must lead.

I write this message to the church of God it’s time to wake up before the devil take us unaware,
We have youth who go to program just to write down rhema and post it on Facebook it’s not all about words where is the power,the devil is not a theologian He’s a spirit with you need great power from Jesus to counter it.

Kai sir when you come face to face with the blind and you pray nothing happens,you haven’t downloaded it yet
There was a time I prayed for 24 hours this year and I mistakenly held my phone charger and it’s power came on for thirty minutes,that happened because of the right download

We have young men serving undone food,calling the name of Jesus that they don’t know of,when nothing happens they end up mocking God,may I not be among the men who will be termed as unserious.

Sir what have you downloaded at the place of prayer,I know why I tell you my story it’s because I want to tell you that it’s possible,not every man will tell you how they got power,sir you must tarry to download.aaaaah I wish someone understands this burden.

It’s not all about your goal anymore,it’s not all about your school,it’s not all about fame,it’s all about how this gospel can be preached all over.
I carry a mandate to be like Jesus ,just like Paul said for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

I refused to be replaced
I refused to fail God.
It’s not all about what a pastor have told you,it’s all about what Jesus said in his word, go and download.

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God bless you…amen

6 thoughts on “SUNDAY’S WORD: What Is Your Download In The Spirit

  1. Hi are using WordPress for your site platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and create my own. Do you require any html coding knowledge to make your own blog? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  2. Yes because the bible has make me to understand that i have an autority over death, sickness, any challenge so and he said i have given you power to raise the dead, heal the sick &do all manner of sign & wonders


    1. Yes ma….thanks for commenting ma…God bless you we have a shared power the father if only we could miximize it. Pls do well to share to your friends 💪


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