Sunday’s Word: The Heart-Cry Of Pastors!

The Heart-cry Of Pastors

Most pastors I know are STRUGGLING!
Most preachers I know are NOT rich! – not by any means!
Most pastors I know struggle to keep their children in school!
Most ministers I know can’t give their wives a good life!

Most pastors I know cannot afford the type of food they’d like to put on the table for their family.
Most preachers I know have to pray and pray like a house on fire before their basic needs or the needs of the church are met!
Most preachers I know are afraid that their father or mother might die at any time, because, according to how things are expected to be done in this part of the world, they don’t have the funds to give their parents a decent burial.

The Nigerian pastor is NOT those guys who own jets; it’s not those guys who wear designer clothing. It’s not those guys who concoct reasons for you to “sow” into their anointing so they could scam funds out of you into their own pockets.
Most pastors I know have never set their foot outside the shores of this country. They almost don’t know what an airport looks like, other than in pictures. Their lives are full of their hand-to-mouth daily activities by which they hope to satisfy their God who called them, and also be able to put some semblance of food on the table for their family. They can’t, ever, think of sending their children to a private University.

Those who claim to send their children to private primary schools send them to those primary schools that are only “private” in name but poor in standards – just something to give them some psychological relief that, at least, they’re not sending them to “public” schools. The average pastor’s family in Nigeria has financial tensions they’re coping with. Some of them, contrary to their real convictions as to how they should run ministry-work, are forced to take up or do rather menial jobs just to keep going. Many take solace in the coming of the Lord – they know that, someday, Jesus will appear in the sky and they’ll be forever with him.

Their pains are deep; their sorrows are unknown. They cannot afford to cry in the open, as that would demoralize the brethren! They have to “keep faith” and maintain a faithful devotion to their beliefs. Many are the afflictions that they go through, all through the night, as their wife’s tears wet the pillow, asking the husband, “Is this how we’re going to continue for life”?
You may say they should go and “work,” as though they’re not “working,” but is it every person that is working that is rich? Most Nigerians work, but most Nigerians are poor, all the same, more so some of these people who have so completely sold their soul to working for the Lord.

Their story will be told in ETERNITY, but for now they suffer the shame and degradation that comes with being poor. Some even say to them, “You say you’re serving God, yet you’re so POOR;” but, should they become even a little comfortable, the same people will attribute it to “scamming” People in their congregations. Who will hear the heart-beat of pastors? Who will hear the TEARS (yes, HEAR the tears) of the true Shepherds? Eternity yearns for them, but here they’re thoroughly despised and made to cover their faces in shame! They wear suits that do not “suit” them, just to appear “presentable.” They speak English that many of them don’t understand, just to make themselves “sellable” for the sake of promoting this glorious Gospel! They don’t know too much of the word of Redemption, but they hold on tightly to that which they know or believe they know. They would go, selflessly, on prayer and fasting for that brother, that sister, that family, that’s going through a challenge.

The Heart-cry Of Pastors

They have neither money nor material to help those who may be in need in their congregation; but one thing they know – we shall sing Hallelujah when the King appears at His Time. When the Lord comes, these ones shall shine forth as the brightness of the firmament – while those who have not thought anything special of the Lord shall be thoroughly ashamed, as the good Book says! Their crowns are being designed, and with every new faithful day of selfless service that they put into the service of their Lord, the designer is being asked to shapen some more glory into that crown! They will be surprised at what they’re going to get when the Lord returns. They’re, indeed, the Bridal Shepherd company that would fulfil all the yearnings of the great Shepherd.
Many of them grieve at the corruption of the church that they see all around them, but, though, numerically, they’re the majority, yet have they no VOICE that today’s generation would listen to! They’re the silent majority, overshadowed by the large public image of the towering “princes in shiny armour of the pulpit.” Their voices are only heard by that poor ugly widow who sits on the front row in their make-shift structure called “church building.”

Their audience is that rag-tag choir whose voices are so discordant you want to cover your ears so you don’t have to endure the rudeness of their music; but this faithful pastor asks the congregation to applaud their effort for, according to him, they’re the “best choir in the world.”

Their singing brings inspiration to him, he says!
What a life! The life of the faithful pastor – unknown and unsung, yet the silent majority.

Dedicated To My Pastor I Pray God Gives You Grace To Fulfill His Divine Mission In Jesus name. Amen

Pls If We Have Let’s Support them in ministry…..not only with money and kind,but you could also help via efforts in church activities,take every assignment given by your Pastor as given by God,when you do this you release him from unnecessary burden,As you do this God would bless you richly. amen

Pls do share and Comment….. God bless you. Amen

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