Hallelujah, reasons why people experience late or no marriage, we would be addressing a few things.

The No.1 reason is Unreasonable Expectations: Everybody write, unreasonable ridiculous expectations. I’ve found out that one of the reasons why alot of people cannot get married is that their expectations are unrealistic, especially for ladies.

When you ask certain ladies ah what kind of guy do you want to marry, they’ll say me o, the way I am like this, even if that guy is not able to smile and be very nice……he should be able to speak queens English not just basic English, the guy must be able to have good sense of color combination, he must be able to have this, yes I have no problem against your list, the only question I have is when will he have all these things, is it before or during or if you wish after the marriage,

There is nothing wrong in having these wonderful expectations, my only question is when. So all the brothers that came are 58/60 failure, 59/60 failure, 40/60 failure. Hallelujah, unreasonable expectations. There are many people especially ladies, the expectations you’ve carved out for yourself, the only person that fits that expectation is Jesus Christ, no mortal man can fit that expectation, today you see somebody and tomorrow you say, no, I don’t like the way the guy smiles, why is he too loud, I want somebody that is ah ah.

One man said the best way to predict your future is to create it so that you don’t disturb anybody, create it by yourself. Some will say me I’ve suffered in my life o, I must marry a millionaire, he must have a duplex o, I’m not ready to manage inside one room that they will be squeezing me, as you are laughing tonight do take it seriously.

Some of us are the ones who open doors for delay in marriages, you are waiting and hoping for Shell, NNPC, Chevron, Mobil, CBN, men and some of you are happy oh this is the guy, I want somebody that when I stand by him, people will say Kai, how did God locate you like this.

Listen very carefully, with this kind of mindset you will never be able to get married to the right person.

For the guys, I want a lady with dimples, I want a lady with another dimples here, I don’t want a lady that opens her mouth too wide, what are you looking for. My simple message for you tonight is that it does not happen before relationship, let me tell you something, any success you do not invest in, you are not qualified to partake.

No.2 Health Factors: One of the reasons why people do not get married or they marry late is health factor………….Of recent this has been a very big issue, the issue of genotype, blood groups. I want you to listen very well, because for you what brought you to the sister is beauty and the vision you saw, for your mother or your father they know the things that they’ve had to endure or somebody they know, so they have parameters that may not appeal to you, are you listening to me.

Genotype…..uhmmm, what do you do when you meet someone who is of a genotype SS. Now you love her, two of you are getting together and then you find out that she’s also SS, what do you do, and the love has entered 2 of you, you have told yourselves do or die, now you’ve gone to meet the marriage counselor in your church and they say no, we had the story of another person like this and they didn’t listen to us, they have giving birth to 5 children, the 5 children all died, are you ready for all of these things.

These are not issues we young people consider, many of us are too afraid to even consider these things, let’s just move, let’s not spoil what God is trying to arrange here, hallelujah, health factors, blood groups, genotype, this has become very serious issues in many churches, and I know that they are rules already in some churches and they don’t take it, they don’t care what you saw or what you heard or how long you have been together.

Once they find out that your genotypes are not compatible, they advice you strongly and guide you towards leaving one another, and they say no o, we can’t take it, we are not ready. So what do you do, because probably some of you are in that kind of situation as I’m speaking and you are trusting God for guidance.

So your father and mother says you won’t get married to this guy, for 10 years you people are together and they say ah won’t you marry and you say don’t worry we are organising things.

Late marriage or no marriage, this is one very serious reason. Now if you don’t believe in the Supernatural, here is my kind advice, quietly leave, I’m giving you an advice that may not make sense now, it is my advice, I didn’t say God told me.

The reason is because if you don’t believe in the supernatural what the Medical Science say will happen, are you listening to me, and you’ll live your remaining 30,40 years in misery and pain. If you believe in the supernatural, you will get up and do something about it, for instance now you are SS and she’s SS, both of you are convinced and I hope you know miracles still work.

Now I’m telling you what you will do straight to the point, you will both agree and say look, do you believe this can work, because if you are the only one who believes it, the lady already in her mind she has left you, she just doesn’t want to embarrass you. So you must agree, if she needs time don’t be angry, this is a very serious issue.

Listen if you think both of you can work this out, can I tell you something, seek advice and start working it early, see let me tell you, I believe in the words of elders, sometimes parents may not know why they are saying but i tell you there is a depth of wisdom.

So if you think you can believe God for it, honestly I’m giving you a very honest and fair advice, many men of God will spiritualise this thing I’m saying and just tell you don’t worry just believe, no, it has led to alot of causalities, if both of you cannot believe God for it, cry, fast, have your last supper and end the relationship, don’t break it, believers don’t break relationship, they end it with wisdom and grace and bless one another. But if you can believe God for it, then start making efforts, God will give you the miracle in the name of Jesus Christ.

No.3 Geographic, Cultural and family factors: There are some families, your parents have already given you warning right from when you were in primary school, you didn’t even understand what they were saying, they say see. You know this globe that’s in our house, the map of the world, they zoom it to Nigeria and they say any State I draw a pen, let me not see you there.

There are some geographic factor, even in the same State they tell you it’s not enough. So when you come and tell your father. It’s Grace now I will marry o and they ask where is Grace from and you say Sokoto and they say where exactly you say this and this and they say ah I know the father, give me five you are a very nice guy, this is the kind of thing we want.

What is the probability of finding somebody from your village who is born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, blessed, visionary, what is the probability, I want you to be very honest and realistic, what is the probability. It’s my personal opinion that this should not be a factor, however listen, you know that I will always balance things, are you ready now, this is the reason why some people are not married. Cultural factors, geographic factors and for many of the things that out parents do.

I hope you know their excuses are legitimate, what is their excuses. When there is trouble, when there’s fight, when you tear yourselves into pieces, they know your father, they know your mother, so they can come and sit down. But when you cross boundaries Lagos and Maiduguri, who knows who there.

They fought during the traditional wedding and promised themselves they will never look at themselves again. I’m advising you, better free your spirits now, I’m giving you the reasons before we pray. Open your mind and say Lord, you will not destroy me, for the Bible says I know the thought that I think towards you sayeth the Lord, thoughts of good and not of evil.

For other places the parents say ah, the people in this place they are witches and wizards. Let me tell you something straight to the point. The official religion of Africa was witchcraft, every tribe, every state, every where, so don’t ever use that as an excuse by saying this people every body from their village are witches……no

Although our parents have had so many experiences that validates their claims, so while you are trying to defend yourself, don’t just look at them and say old generation, because I tell you something, they have testimony of people who did not listen.
Let me give you an advice, if you are crossing boundaries, note these things Territorial wickedness is real, write it and never forget it, be aware of the Demonic predicament around that place and be sure that you are ready to take the burden.

No.4 Demonic Oppression: We live in a church that is so unware of the activities of Satan, we are all new creatures in Christ, the Bible says do not be unaware. Let me tell you something, Demonic oppression is real especially in marriage, are you hearing me.

I’m giving you a frank and candid advice. When you see us say go out with someone who is born again and serious with God, some of you think I would go out with who I want you can’t force me.

Demonic oppression is real, the euphoria of your emotional attachment will fade when those demons begin to deal with you…..be wise

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