This is long but definitely not a wrong message for you to read and digest…

Hear this,
When you were younger and nobody knew you, you were so hungry and passionate,you were sacrificial in seeking the face of God.You were always broken in God’s presence,always praying, fasting was your second nature, giving to things of God was your delight,service was your appellation,sir/ma you were sold out totally..

You were an inspiration and motivation for the younger ones,you were loved for your passion and tenacity.Your love for God was so contagious, you
were always studying ever ready to learn,you bought data data for the purpose of downloading videos and messages so you could learn more of God, you
attended conferences and programmes with so much expectation..

You genuinely honour men ahead of you,you were never satisfied with your present level, you were hungry for more
of God.You didn’t just love God but you also hated iniquity with so much hatred.Sleep rarely affects your prayer time because you were in control of your body,your belly was not your god,even your best food couldn’t stop you from fasting..

There was nothing you couldn’t give for God’s work or God’s people,you gave to your leaders and served them.You couldn’t speak guile or immoral words, your words were seasoned with salt and ministers grace to the hearers.You were an evangelist, you witness about Christ always and also invite men to church so they could be established..

You were so much on fire for God,you were a burning and a shining light,men came to the brightness of your rising and

But suddenly,every thing became a story, you became Ichabod as the glory had departed.Hmmmm what has happened to you sir and ma?
what quenched your fire?
Could it be that secret sin?
Could it be discouragement and
disappointment ?
Could it be lack of visibility ?
Could it be your spiritual leaders who hurt you?
What has happened to our fast rising star who is no more?
Why can’t our lion roar in the jungle again?
What happened to our eagle? Why is our eagle eating on the ground with fowls?
Who told you are lie that you are not what you know you were???

Please wake up from your slumber,we still need you.The enemies waited for a time like this,they were so smart,they followed closely till you relaxed a little because of the little results and succes you have seen in your life and ministry, they quickly launched a calculated attack,before you could realise what happened, you were on the ground..

Don’t you know that guy devil has been here long before you came, that is why the bible calls him the Old man of the Flesh,he is old and cunny wise..
What has happened to you? Could it be some of the following…

An early sense of arrival and satisfaction because of little success and influence,have you forgotten that if you arrive to
soon,you will arrive too small? Your are bitter,discouraged and it seems as if God is partial or maybe people offended you?
Sin has taken over your heart and life,besetting sin,weights.
Your prayer life is gone,discouragement and sleep have taken over.Your study life is gone as laziness and social media has replaced them.The good heart is gone as knowledge has blown your mind off..

Honour is gone,as you say all of us are equal,so you no longer honour any man.Giving is gone as you see all pastors as
thieves,have you forgotten that it is a spiritual principle.You have taking a truth to an extreme by overstretching it thereby leading to an error,any teaching that makes you bitter
at men,arrogant,rebellious should be checked,every light comes with peace and meekness even in confidence..

There is no more genuine love in your heart again because of doctrinal issues.You have no regard for local assembly
because you think they don’t have light,have you forgotten that the local assembly is God’s strategy for supplying nutrients to those in the body?You took to all platforms to insult and discredit the ones you once honoured,have you forgotten that even angel Gabriel didn’t bring an accusation to Lucifer when they were contending for
the body of Moses?
Rather he said the Lord rebuke you,who taught you to curse men whom God raised? have you forgotten that even David didn’t kill Saul despite all Saul did,rather He said he is the Lord’s anointed even at Saul’s falling state?You no longer read your bible again because you have access to messages,when you will have a personal encounter with the word?
You even now study to preach when you should study to live.
You no longer fast again because you said,Jesus already finished it and there is nothing you can do to the finished work of Christ.Could it be since you entered that wrong relationship with that brother or sister,or
that wrong association?Could it be that you feel you no longer need to be mentored and monitored or under the authority of any man,you didn’t know that God didn’t and will NEVER give

When you are asking God for anointing and authority, one of the criteria to grant your request is if you under the authority of
anyone.If all these persist,God can change his mind about using you for His glory,He
did that for the family of Eli,He can raise another Samuel if you are not ready,you cannot affect God’s plan and purposes because of your issues, you cannot keep God stranded, He has 7000 Who have not bowed to baal..

Guess what?
Even if all the above are your experiences and present reality,
there is a hope for you.The father loves you so much,He never left you initially,you are the who ran away,but If you can come back home today, you will be restored.Can you run back to the father in repentance and He will embrace you with a loving arm of acceptance.Come home, your hair can grow again and it will grow.

There is a restoration grace for someone reading this, why not repent now and you
will enjoy the fresh presence of the Holy Ghost afresh.

I pray for someone who needs a restoration,I decree a fresh beginning for you in Jesus name,I decree a new a grace and restoration your you in Jesus name..

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