Apostle Orokpo Michael

Time is a journey of value.
You’re given values system from eternity to sustain and to transact with every time.
I’ve come to charge up your SPIRIT to stir up your pure hearts so that you will begin to see better, because if you see with only what you’re seeing today, with the vistas you’re seeing with today, you may end up a waste in eternity. That’s why a large church like this can be empty when there are many vibrant youths, you expand your energy on other things.

The day your life begins to count, people will find out where you’re coming from, it’s not you come and tell people go and do evangelism, all you need to do is burn…. Somebody asked John Westley how are you able to gather the crowds???? He said: I set myself on fire and the world comes to watch me burn the world comes to watch me burn

They called Jesus the prince of devils, it didn’t matter, the crowds pursued him because he was on fire he was burning he was a mystery to all the things the theologians were saying. You can talk against him, but you can’t deny his results, so he went into the wilderness and five thousands men followed him there……

You come to church Everyday alone, that’s because nobody knows the God you’re serving because you don’t look like him…..the day you begin to look like the God you’re serving everybody will follow him.
It will shock you to know that Jesus never called us believers, Jesus never called us saints, Jesus never called us christians; HE CALLED US WITNESSES the word witness there means exhibits…. YOU’RE THE PROOF THAT JESUS IS REAL and if your life does not validate the existence of him, then your life is a waste!! Because in eternity, your name is supposed to be an exhibit….when you came into time, who did you proof to that Jesus is God???!

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