Apostle Joshua Selman speaks:WHO ARE YOU DECEIVING ?

You got angry in church and stopped being the member of the choir, left ushering , stopped sanctuary cleaning and every other work you were doing in church.
Eventually you’ve stopped going to the church because someone spoke to you in a way you didn’t like…
Most of the messages from the pulpit was against you from your opinion…
Nobody called you when you were sick because according to you, “they do not love or care in the church…”

But pls excuse me…
You’ve not stopped working for the boss who insults you most of the time, neither have you stopped work because your colleagues spoke ill of you… (Money was the reason)

When you were sick, you didn’t wait for your boss to call you or look for you at work. Rather, you called and told him about your present condition. No complaint about him not visiting you (Fear of query or loss of the job)

Do you remember that at school, your teachers, your schoolmates and or even your best friends offended you, yet you didn’t stop schooling..
You can easily miss Church but not lectures because the lecturer will take attendance which counts in assessment
You can be late with your appointment with God at Church but you will be extra early for your visa interview at the embassy…

Who are you deceiving?
I don’t blame you too much. Maybe you don’t know or you don’t have adequate revelation about the meaning of Church…

Please, Hear Me! Church is not a “No Offense Club” where all things must be done to please you and you alone.
What have you done in church for the good of others?
According to Scripture the first knowledge everybody must have about Church is that… It’s The House Of God and The Gate of Heaven
Genesis 28:17…

Your service to God must be with reverential fear, honor and respect.
God is watching…
Change your attitude.

Please forward to your various platforms and let’s effect a positive change for God.

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