I Used To Be Timid To Preach Until God Arranged An Event That Launched Out MFM – Dr D. K Olukoya

Although his preachings reverberate manifestations of fire and thunderbolts, not many would ever imagine that Dr Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, was often timid and fearful when it comes to preaching to people of other races especially whites.
But, this was many decades ago in his younger days prior to the formation of MFM as a church which came into existence in1989..

The revelation and prophecy that brought about the church originally came in 1977, even though the actual take-off did not come into manifestation until 12 years later at old Yaba Road, in Lagos.

Dr Olukoya told the story himself during one of his live messages on television.
The Fiery preacher captures it this way: “For a man to fulfill destiny in life, there is a necessity for divine encounter. What this means is that God must arrange an event for you.
“Many of you would not know my story. Sometimes ago when I was working as a researcher in the United Kingdom, I was the only black man in that scientific centre. God was always telling me to preach to my colleagues at work and to win souls for Him.
“But, I always gave excuses to God . I told God about racial discrimination going on in that part of the world and that if i preach to them, they would not want to reckon with my teachings. There is a way they used to rate Blackman as inferior. They won’t listen to me.

“So, I used to be very timid to preach in the office until one day that God arranged an event that produced a miracle in the hand of a so-called Blackman.
“How did it happen? There was this day a young lady who used to serve tea every morning in the office. There is a unique way she goes about serving her tea. So all our colleagues in that center were so fond of her.

“And it happened one day, she just hit her leg at something and she slumped immediately and died. Everyone in the office started weeping profusely including all the oyinbos..
“It was at that very moment that I felt a very strong impulse of the Holy Ghost to handle the situation. And I stepped forward as i felt boldness in the ability of God and I announced to everyone there that there is someone I know who can raise up this lady.

“They thought I was crazy. I insisted there is someone I know who can raise the girl alive. He is the Resurrection and Life. His name is Jesus! They were perplexed and thought I was staging a drama. Right there and then, I laid my hand on her and she sneezed and jerked back to life. And that was it!
“It was there and then God spoke to me. Arise, go back to Nigeria to begin the work I told you about. This was what gave birth to the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries”.
31 years after MFM started, the church has metamorphosed to one of the 10 largest ministries in the world with over 300 churches across the globe.

Dr D.K. Olukoya holds a First class Honours Degree in Microbiology from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Reading, United Kingdom. As a researcher, he has over 70 scientific publications to his credit.

His life and ministry is devoted to the revival of apostolic signs, Holy Ghost fireworks and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God to deliver to the uttermost.
Dr Olukoya is married to Pastor (Mrs.) Folashade Olukoya, a talented artist, and the artistic illustrator of almost all books authored by her husband. They have an only child, Elijah Toluwani.

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