Apostle Arome Osayi

One day we went for a crusade, and when we got there, we got there too early, so l was looking for how we could spend time before the crusade will take place at 6pm.
The Community we visited was largely an agricultural community, so they will need to come back from the farm before we can start our event. I had to look for a way to pass that time and while in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit led me to visit the shrine of the village.
Let me warn you, if you are not led, don’t do what l did. You need to be led, if you still have a problem with leading, that assignment is not for you.
I was led to visit the Priest of the shrine, l had a tour guide and as we were coming, l noticed the priest had finished sacrificing because he had twenty-two altars and he had poured blood on them and he was singing a song with a strange tune.
He was singing while we were approaching then he looked at us and asked who are you? We said no we come in Peace, we come in the name of the Lord Jesus and then he now pointed at us and said he will smite us with a curse, you see he had gone beyond his boundaries, that’s trespass. I told him if he doesn’t put his hands down, we will curse him and it will wither, he put his hand down.
There was contention for fifteen minutes, after fifteen minutes he submitted, not just him because while we were contending, nine other old men came. He was a hundred years old and l was thirty six at that time.
Nine older men came and joined forces with him. But he noticed that the spirits he went to worship, the spirits he celebrates with blood on the altar dedicated to them, those spirits left him. That was the challenge and at the end of the day l led him and the nine old men to Christ, and they renounced the altars.
If there is power, it will work. In the North, you need power, because the people you will be speaking with, living with are necromancers, astrologers, you need power. When Jesus said that the life of a Christian should be supernatural, maybe you can get by in Lagos to be normal. But there are places you will need power, not for crusade but to live.
We led them to Christ and the little witches and people operating covens in the village never knew we shot the mast powering their activities.
By the time we came for the crusade in the evening, without prayers cripples walked, nobody prayed for them. During praise and worship, cripples walked.
When the witches saw that the people they tied were free, they left the Crusade Ground. That was the day we left the Bible on the pulpit and pursued after the witches.
You shall receive power! The Crusade ended on the highway, leading to Enugu that was when the last of them, they vomited strange things, and they gave their lives to Christ because the end point is you will speak in tongues. Not just to say Lord Jesus, but you will speak a language that only God can teach your tongue to speak.

God bless you, pls do well to share…..others need to see to be uplifted in the spirit

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