Now hear me, and hear me good. I was watching on CNN the other day and they were talking about how these scientists were working in the laboratory because quite frankly men are going out of style. There are women today who don’t even think they need a man.
Back in the 70s, this woman’s lib movement, we are still seeing the fall out from the after effects of this: “I am woman, hear me roar” mentality that is taking over the world and has even crept into the church. There is one thing to be independent, but this has gone beyond being independent.
You’ve got women today talking about “I’m having a baby, but I don’t need no husband. I don’t want a husband because I don’t need a man for anything. What can he do for me that I can’t do for myself?” It’s a lesbian spirit that has to be driven out of the house of the Lord. That’s right. Get mad and walk out, but at least you heard me on your way out – it is a lesbian spirit, and it needs to be driven out of the house of the Lord.
Now they’re sitting up there playing with test tubes, talking about (how) they’ve just worked out how two women can get together and just have a baby without a man. What kind of foolishness is this? We keep fooling with genetics and playing God, we’re going to create something we won’t be able to control after a while. You’ve got to let God’s plan arise, and His enemies be scattered.
When God created the man, it was no optional creation. He was no accident. He was no “Johnny come lately” idea that God said “Well, I guess, I’ll give the baby a father.” The devil is a liar – God created the man in the image and likeness of God and there was a role for the man to play that cannot be imitated and cannot be duplicated
And when you’ve got a good man, you ought to take care of him because a good man is hard to find. I know you’re a great woman, and a tough woman, and a strong woman; but it doesn’t weaken you at all to appreciate having a good man. He’s a dying species and a rare commodity.
You can brag all you want to, but I want to tell you something, Woman. ..playing man and woman might be fun when you’re twenty. It might be, but as life passes and seasons roll, you’re going to get tired of playing The Hulk. Two are better than one – that’s what the Bible says. Some old women stay alive because they’re feeding a cat, so don’t glorify being alone; it is not that good.

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