A Throwback: What Is Man ?

Who would have believed
That this tiny micro organism
Could someday be a threat to us?
None foresaw these coming days
Our world would have a cause for pause

Humanity with all the hustling and bustling
Could it be we had over reached?
Vis-a-vis our activities, degrading nature
The Ozone layer, Global warming, etc
How have we become this callous?

With all our intelligence and vain glory
Carrying out projects that are In ECO unfriendly
In most cases gladly daring the Almighty
By Whom we live and have our existence
And to Whom we should turn to now!

Oh man! Know yourself!
For the fear of God is the beginning of life
All these are signs that must not be ignored

Source: L. S. Onyah

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We Shall Defeat Covid-19

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