Sermon Review:Fear No Evil – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua selman

But God has not given us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of power, the spirit of love.
Listen, let me tell you this, I pray for you, that the Love of God, would truly be a revelation in your heart.
He said I have loved you with an everlasting love, and I have drawn you, with my loving kindness. I have loved you, unashamedly with an everlasting love, and I have drawn you, with my loving kindness.

What shall separate us from the Love of God? You have to know why Paul is teaching this things, what shall separate us, then he begins to list all the things that you think can separate you, from the Love of God. Famine, wars, etc, he said nay in all these things, we are more than conquerors. By the revelation of the Love of God.
So when the devil tries to project fear, the revelation of who God is, listen, and the fact that He loves me, that the jealousy of God is an investment upon my life. When you know this! Like you want to hurt a little child, and he will run to his father, you see some of this our little ones, they run all around, and with confidence, they jump on you, and they expect you to hold them.

The Bible says, trust in the Lord, trust in the Lord. Listen, with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, the word trust is the word “batta,” it’s the word that gives an expression of someone jumping, hoping that yhe father would hold you.
To take away all the limitations, and just throw yourself at God, and say, Lord, I know that you are able to hold me. And while people are saying oh dear, a hand that comes to protect you, and that hand is called THE LOVE OF GOD.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, the love of God.
The love of God would not allow darkness eat you up, the love of God will not allow you to be a shame and reproach to your family. Be aware of this! You are God’s investment, His love is upon you, it would give you an understanding. You are not alone, please listen to what I’m telling you, because you will stand and you will confront battles where there is no human assistance, but the awareness of the Love of God.

I know that God loves me, it’s a revelation that I have gotten in a way that I’m grateful for. The love of God, the love of God, the love of God, the love of God, furnished within you.
If there is one person that God would favour on this earth, it’s me, I know, it’s because of His Love. I don’t know how far between you and Him, but I know. He has drawn me into the inner chamber of His Love, like the king tells Esther come, what do you want even up to half of my kingdom.
This is my mentality when I pray, this is my mentality when I talk, there is no fear.

That’s why sometimes I can tell you, there is someone outside there. Do you think it’s just because I’m seeing a vision, this is a risk, you don’t stand before the whole world and speak stupidly like that, what if nothing happens, and nothing happens again, and nothing happens again, and nothing happens again.
The Love of God, the love of God. For we know, that all things work together, not for everybody, not for every Christian, to then that love the Lord, and to those who are the called, the called, the called, according to His purpose.

The revelation of the Love of God, it’s something that has consumed me.
Do you know sometimes when I sit down, I say ah, what’s that ladies song, take it down for me let’s shout that song,
Jesus you love me too much oh
Too much oh(2x) excess love oh
Listen, to you it’s a song, but God wants it to be a revelation. What will you do, if you suddenly knew, that the jealousy of Jesus is standing by you, to protect you.

You think the love of God is a little issue until you see what has happened in you life, as a result of, lack of knowing it.
Was it not the awareness of the love of the father of the prodigal son, that gave him the courage to get up amd return back home. He was with pigs, and for a while, everytime he thought of going back, fear would keep him. You see what fear does? And then, one time, he said hm hm, how many hired servants has my father, and I am here feeding with swine, he said I know something about my father, there is something I know about him, no matter what, we know how to settle ourselves. I will arise, and I will go to my father.

Do you know while he was talking, the father was already on his way coming, the Bible didn’t say, he went and meet the father at home, ah! The father was saying no, he’s my son, no matter what, love! Love!
No matter what, I would still meet him, and come amd carry him, and while he was coming afar off, immediately he saw the father, he gave him a hug, and gave him a signet ring. The love of God, the love of God.
So when you see things in your life, and you know that ah, the way things are now, kai, this Nigeria, God you have already said this is our year of extraordinary, what is happening, then you rest I’m the fact that God,
What is man that you are mindful of, for you to know this, you have to see a gentleman in love. What is that girl that you are mindful of, that they’re talking to you, you’re not even hearing again, how are you, and you’re ah, sorry.

That’s exactly what happens to God, listen, you’re laughing, but I need you to understand. That means I am in His mind (blasts in tongues).
He is thinking right now, what do I do for Joshua Selman, how do I lift him, oh! I see, all the attacks around his life, but my love, my live, my love for him, my love for him.

It’s the confidence I use, when I minister to people, I know! His jealousy is an investment upon my life, that He would protect with His blood. Do you know this about God?
So even somebody looks at you, and says I will kill you, the person doesn’t even know what he’s saying, you need to know who you’ll kill first.
Nobody comes with any nonsense prophecy, and scares me, no! No!
The Love of God has created a vaccination.

Oh Apostle, I just saw you dying, no, no no no no no, because many of us, we’re victims of all kinds of speakings from people, and they may not, listen, they may not necessarily be lying.
Do you know your family has witchcraft, do you know your family has this, God can deliver you, but the fact that you cannot even think that God can lift you.
Everytime I see people who can bless me, I start rejoicing, I know what God is going to do, God? Hm hm, I know what God would do.

I live a very happy life, knowing that I can rest in his love. The spirit of Love, The spirit of Love, The spirit of Love.
Hm, Elijah knew this, when there was famine, he didn’t say, God what about me, how I’m I going to eat, no… God if you kill me, who now prophesy’s over Israel, and God says for you, I exempt you.
Go to Brook Cherith, I don’t know whether you understand sowing or reaping, but I’m going to make a bird, because men would not agree to come and meet you, so I would use an animal.

This is the revelation over my life, I believe in the Love of God, over this ministry. You see, when you know God, it doesn’t look fair.
When God’s love zooms towards you, it’s a fearful thing. It takes away fear from your life.
The fear of the future, what will the future be like, what will the future be like, will I have children, will they be well behaved. Your brain cannot carry that kind of load.

He says, my yoke is easy. Fear can make you a laborer. It can give you assignments that didn’t come from God. A lady of 18years is already touching her womb all around, hoping she would be pregnant, you can imagine that kind of thing.
By yourself, you are sitting in front of the internet, many things to browse, tge presence of God, you just start browsing signs of cancer, enter. What do you think made you do that? Now please listen to what I’m telling you, you will find something there, that you may have. Once your leg starts paining you, ah, it’s a sign that, this and that, this and that, and you say, ah! That pain.

Jesus you love me too much oh
Too much oh(2x) excess love oh
It’s a revelation.
My father loves me too much oh
Too much oh(2x) excess love oh
Ah! Look at Jesus, He says, this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.
Listen, listen, the way we live our lives, many times is a mockery on the love of God. It shows that, there is something about the love of God, that we do not know.

Your ATM gets missing, and go that whole day, you’re moody, it’s not the ATM, it’s that your trust was in it, and now that your ATM has disappeared, fear now comes, what if somebody gets it, and withdraws money. How much is even there? Are you seeing now? Fear, fear.
You woke up in the night and you forgot to close your door, now it’s good to close your door, but it’s fear that, the speed that, ah, who has entered, listen, it’s a terrible way to live. And to deliver those who through fear, all their lifetime be subject to bondage.

The moment people are about to retire, they start, you see, people who were once confident, they would now tell you ah, this life, you know how this thing is na, and what you fear, comes upon you eventually.
In my life, I don’t think failure, I truly I’m a winner, you can wear life till you win. It comes by a revelation of who God is. You can wear situations and circumstances, please listen to me, I can never fail truly speaking, truly speaking. It’s his love that keeps me conscious, I know what He has put upon me, and I know what it can do.
So when I tell you that if I pray for you, you will be blessed, it’s not arrogance, it is an awareness.
You’re amazing….

You make my life feel brand-new…
Listen, when you have this knowledge, please just walk with me, we are going to pray, don’t trivialize what you hear me share tonight, please, don’t trivialize it. You will be surprised at the level of failure that comes to your life if you don’t listen to what I tell you.
The awareness, God’s interest is in my life, God’s interest is in my life, His reputation upon me is at stake, and He will move all and sundry to see His purposes birthed.

That way you enter your rest, it’s a Sabbath, that comes knowing, you see, He says, my Father work, hitherto I work. That means that, it is when the Father is working and you are working, something is wrong.
As He’s working, I am resting in the fact that my interest is protected.
The Love of God. When I think of the Love of God, there is no fear, fear of the future, where?
This is a powerful Word.
There is nothing that God has told me, that I don’t believe because I know His love. I know what God can do.

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