Poem: I Know A God

The flourishing springs of changing meadows
The dying fall sweetening the brooks to death
The mighty oceans, the pebbles on earth that’s special
The small river that encompasses the little creatures

Species of incomprehensible knowledge of man’s power
All greater than all who knows something or knows not
Life’s fatal problems and failure that drowns us all down
Uncertainties of peaceful coexistence threats to mankind

No victory over sin, temptations and trials
All we’re frightened by the little fears that comes by
But He who’s greater than all we ever know, I know
The power of His immense wonders of natures alone

I’ve heard of mighty men that shook the walls by his name
Little faith that moved the heavens from it’s actual pace
I know He that can satisfy and make you ever great
I know a God of wonders and mighty fame who can save us all

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