The Mystery Of Strongholds (Review) – Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

I struggle very seriously with what I’m about to share, because I hope that we will not only appreciate it, but it’s something that I pray with all my heart, that if you grasp the truth that I show you tonight, it will change your life in a way that will surprise you. If you’re with me say Amen!
Tonight I’m sharing on “the mystery of strongholds,” “the mystery of strongholds.”
2 Corinthians chapter 10, from verse 4. The mystery of strongholds. This is a powerful secret of dominion, this is a powerful secret of legislature in the realm of the Spirit. “The mystery of strongholds.”
2 Corinthians chapter 10, and verse 4. When you read from verse three, it says, “KJV:For though we walk in the flesh, it says our warfare, listen carefully! This is Paul speaking now, one who was granted access, Paul called himself a steward of the mysteries. He didn’t call himself a preacher, Paul didn’t call himself, there were people who were called men of God in the Bible, an example, Elijah, an example, Samuel. Paul never called himself a man of God, he called himself a steward of the mystery, one who was given access to the mysteries, that so that, when we listen to him, we might be partakers of that fellowship, called in, a participation to come into an understanding of that mystery, and this was one of the mystery. He said, “For though we walk in the flesh, our warfare, is not physical. Listen carefully, our warfare is not physical. And then he says in verse four(4), he says, “for the weapons of our warfare, so warfare is for sure, but he is guiding you on how to engage it. Listen, living is warfare, prosperity is warfare, growth is warfare, but he’s giving us the character of the, he’s saying, the weapons of our warfare, are not canal, but mighty through God, and the entire arsenal is suppose to achieve one purpose, to pull down, not enemies, strongholds!
What kind of warfare is this, that the enemy, is not a human being. He never said to pull down spirits, think about that. He didn’t even say to pull down demons, that this warfare, God had to give you the tools to use, and he says, this fight is not against flesh and blood, that the fight is not even against demons, not to pull down demons, to pull down strongholds. This is warfare now, next verse(5), “casting down what? Imaginations, spirits? Demons? Satan? Imaginations! And every high thing, not high person, high thing, high information, that exhaulted itself, against the person? Every high things that exhault itself above another kind of knowledge.
This is warfare, that God gave you these tools, please get what I’m teaching you tonight, that this fight is not against flesh and blood, but that this fight, God gave you these Spiritual tools, to pull down strongholds, to cast imaginations, to dethrone high things, and the to bring thoughts, strongholds, imaginations, high things, thoughts, this is warfare.
Now, this is very strange, there is no name of a spirit that is mentioned, just follow me. There is no name of a demon that is announced here, shocker, even Satan is not mentioned here, this is Paul, teaching us a dimension of warfare that is strange
The mystery of strongholds! Are we together?
That a man’s bondage, is not necessarily the physical things you see, is not even the spirits that oppress the person, that when a man is ready to establish victory, the focus is not even the spirit entities that are causing these problems, but that there is an operation. Listen, Jesus is teaching us, and this is what He said, “that human beings are houses and temples, God said that, demons also say that, is that true? And the Bible says a spirit can live in a man. Follow me carefully, a spirit can live in a man, and that there is a possibility of casting that spirit out of a man, is that true? Where does the spirit go to when you cast the spirit? The Bible says, it moves around, dry lands, everywhere, is that true? And then it becomes restless, what makes it restless? Then the Bible says, after a while, it would turn back, it never said I would go to the body, it said I would still go back to my house. Now question, a spirit is somewhere, no prayer, no prophet, no anointing, something casted it from there, back into a human being that required a man of God to cast it out.
What made the spirit uncomfortable with an environment, that it left on its own without a particular desire of a man to drive it. Think about this.
If this guy has a demon spirit, and I lay hands on him and, cast out the demon spirit, I thought if the demon spirit is somewhere, somebody should be able to drive it back, but the demon says on its own, that environment, without any human intervention, does something to that demon spirit that makes it restless, the same way a man of God’s anointing is driving it, and it starts moving back and says, it is even better, compared to what I am facing here, it is better to go back to that human being.
In Matthew chapter 4, you also find that account in Luke chapter 4, watch this, when Jesus went fast, I want to tell you certain things about strongholds, and about this, we are going to pray, but, I want, there are things that believers, that why I told you I struggle to share what I’m sharing, there is a whole series on this that is coming. Jesus, the Bible declares, that Jesus, is the embodiment of the God Head, is that true? And the Bible calls Him, full of Grace and truth. Now, Jesus goes to fast, Ejimi, Jesus is fasting, and Satan is waiting for Him, instead of the fasting to drive demons, the fasting was attracting Satan.
Listen, ehn. Satan is not afraid of Jesus, Satan is not even afraid of the fact that Jesus is fasting, this is Jesus, being the Son of God alone, should command respect, then fasting for 40 days, no food, no water, Satan is not afraid. Then Satan comes to Jesus, looks at Jesus, Jesus is looking at him back, I thought tempted Him, and the other verses are explaining the contents of the temptation. How did Satan tempt Jesus? “If thou be the Son of God, command this stone, that it be made bread. Verse 4, and Jesus answered, Satan talked to Jesus, and was not afraid, Jesus The Word, put The Word in His lips, and He was speaking, that word did not cast out Satan. Please listen to me, I want you to be so powerful, and to be so free. We have inherited a lot of religion, and this is why we keep doing a lot of things, and there are no results in our lives.
Listen, listen carefully, it says, Jesus said to him, answered, Satan ask Jesus a question, Jesus is replying back, remember, this is Jesus and Satan, if there were angels, he’ll say, this guy is wasting his time somewhere, Satan came directly to Jesus, what makes you think, he will not come to you? He went to the throne, he went to the Son. That man shall not live, Jesus said, it is written, now this one, we can dwell here forever, because this is Jesus The Word, and yet He is saying, it is written, He didn’t say I said, He went to scripture, it is written. The Bible says all Scriptures were inspired by the Holy Ghost, and Jesus still said, it is written, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by, every Word of God.” And that was him standing, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word of God” and Jesus is standing, and Satan is not afraid. What was wrong with His confession? Was it the Scripture that was wrong? Or the person was unholy? Or the utterance was wrong? And Satan still stood.
If you get what I’m teaching you, you will know why regardless of what people are doing, it looks like Satan still remains. Now listen, this is even the fearful part, temptation number 2, Satan taketh Him up, how did he do it, Satan, take, not the baby Jesus, Jesus, who had received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, Satan told Him come, and he took Him into a high mountain, now this is the fearful part, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world, just flash like that, and here was Satan’s proposal, look how shameless Satan is, we don’t know how shameless Satan is that why we think we’ll just stand and say Satan live my life and he’ll leave you, you’re joking! You watch what happened between him and Jesus, and the devil said unto Him again, this is the Living Word, this is the Logos of God, all these power I will(give to you), please talk to me, what is the power that he would give Him? Anointing? What did he call power? The kingdoms, the systems, the governments, he call them power, I will give you, and the glory of them, for that is delivered unto me, and to whomsoever I will, I will give it.
Do you know what Satan was telling Jesus? In heaven you drove me, but this one is my territory. Are we together now? I have influenced the government, I have influenced the system, this one, belongs to me. If you ever see anybody rise, I made it happen, and so you better negotiate with me, this is Satan, he’s not unaware that this is the Living Logos, but he tells Him, how can I be in a territory, and you want to lift somebody and by pass me, he said look let me tell You, this is what you’re trying to look for, he made it flash before him, and he said I will give You, he called all of them power! The question is how did he get it?
I used to think he just got it from Adam, yes he got the keys from Adam, but how did he get the governments? How did he get the systems? To a point that he says, it is my own, I would give anybody, I want to give it.
Follow me, Ezekiel 28 verse 14, this was a story, listen carefully, of what we call the pre-adamite dispensation, this was a dispensation before Adam, the man that we know, are we together? The Bible, Ezekiel the prophet is giving access to revelation, and he’s speaking about the king of Tyre, whose life parallels with that of Lucifer, in the days of his glory. Now listen, I hope you know that Lucifer was created, is that true? And the Bible acknowledges that Lucifer, please help that person, the Bible acknowledges that Lucifer was a Cherub, is that true? A Cherub, higher than the realm of angels, are we together? Because by this time, the mortal man Adam, was not in the equation, so after God, directly under Him were the cherubs, or the cherubim’s, under the cherubim’s were the seraphim’s, then the seraphim’s, and were the angelic carder’s, and then the humanoid species, that existed within that civilization, are we together? This was the organogram, and then, this is a description of Lucifer, It says, “thou art the anointed Cherub,” who anointed him? Listen, who anointed him? God Himself anointed him. And the Bible says that covereth, the word covereth there is the word “influence,” that you are an anointed Cherub, He says, I have set thee so, so it was part of the predeterminate council of God, that there be a Cherub, that is given an anointing, are we together?
Now most of you must have heard it, the word “anointed” there is the word “mimshach” the word “mimshach” means, the direct Hebrew rendition means to “spread, like to push your tentacles,” the extended meaning also means to multiply your influence within a region, so this is the kind of anointing that he was given, and the gifts and the callings of God are without repentance. Are we together?
Now listen, Satan was given this anointing, that means Satan also depends on the very power of God, to still be Satan today, hmm.
Are we together?
So we’re seeing that Satan, got this anointing himself from God, He say, I have set thee so, thou was upon the Holy mountain of God, thou that walk up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Most people just teach that all Satan was doing was worship in Heaven, ehm, it’s not exactly so, yes it is true that his description, “It says, thy was perfect in thy ways, in the day that thou was created, till iniquity was found.”
Every Angel has a will, Satan too has a will, there is nobody in Heaven and on earth, that is serving God by force. They can choose to rebel, that’s why when Satan chose to rebel, listen carefully, God Himself, had respect, for his rebellion. But when you make whatever decision, you be ready for the consequence.
Now watch this, let’s see how this corrupted anointing, worked. If you don’t understand this, you would be surprised. Ejimi, this is heaven, where God dwells, Lucifer’s anointing is corrupted, and Lucifer’s anointing in the presence of God, the epicentre of Heaven, influence one third (1/3) of the angels. One third! This is Heaven, where God dwells, and the power of that anointing, exacted something on their wills, their wills, he never chained any angel, look at the warfare that happened in Heaven, that Satan, what did he say to the angels, that they preferred him to God, look at the throne room, and the 24 Elders, yet Satan came with an anointing, and spoke something, and one third (1/3) of the angels said we will give up the throne room for you.
Thou anointed Cherub that covereth. Are you seeing how he won the king’s of the earth in a moment, are you seeing how he won the government and the systems? And he came to Jesus, he said have you forgotten, I am still anointed, though corrupted. Anyone you want with influence, is under my care, there is an anointing, I was the light bearer of heaven.
Satan is a master at manipulating the minds of people, look how easy he entered Peter. Peter, close to Jesus, he just came at will, in the presence of Jesus, and Jesus looked and said, this is Satan, Peter, this is not you, Peter did not even know, this is how easy it is.
Jesus was on a mission, Satan distracted Jesus to a mountain, Jesus, had to return back. The anointed Cherub.
Let me show you where the power of Satan is. Is not just in witchcraft, the power of Satan is in his ability, to capture the wills of men, of systems, of governments, you see that? Give us 2 Corinthians 10 again, Paul was watching this in a vision, while it was been shown him, and Paul said, so this is it. “The weapons of our warfare, are not carnal, is not just about demons and spirits, because a demon is in the wilderness, and there was no human being to occupy, and on its own, there, he said, I would go back where humans are, because in the wilderness, there are no wills, is inanimate, let me go where there are human wills, and then I manipulate them.
Listen! Satan, controls the earth, by controlling the minds, and controlling systems, and controlling governments. This is a mystery that I show you, when Satan comes to you, he would not tie your hands, he is a master, there is an anointing, the very power of God, working in him, and until God fortifies you, you will fall for his deceit. Satan desire to sift you like wheat, He’s telling Peter Satan desired, whereas, Peter had already fallen since. This is powerful Peter, Satan came to him, are you seeing why Satan entered Judas? Look how easy it was for him to come into the camp of Jesus, and just manipulate people, to the point that he almost got Jesus. Gethsemane, Jesus as there, “Father, ahhhhh… And He said no, nevertheless, not my will. Listen! Satan went to the wife of Herod, and gave a dream to advice her husband, and she got up, and said, I had dream, this man is innocent, don’t kill him, it looks like a good thing, if they didn’t kill Jesus, there would not be Salvation. Satan for you. Are we together?
He’s a master manipulator, if God does not help you, your mind is a child’s play for him, he would beat you at this game, there is an anointing on him.
Satan, in Heaven, that there is a role call, he was talking to the angels one by one, tye billions of angels in Heaven, he won one third(1/3) of them. To the point that they were ready to dismember themselves, and and leave their original estates. This is the one we’re dealing with, Paul said listen, your focus should be on this mind.
“The Mystery of Strongholds.”
That the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, right? But to the pulling down of strongholds, that’s God’s emphasis, you want to win Satan? Pull down strongholds, cast down imaginations, imaginations, imaginations, imaginations, why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing, Genesis 11, nothing they have chosen to do, that they have imagine. Cast down imagination.
So the Bible says, let this mind be in you, Philippians chapter 2 and verse 5, let this mind, there is a kind of mind, that must be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. Let this mind, be in you, that was also in Christ Jesus. That without this mind being in you, that was also in Christ Jesus, Satan will beat you at the game, hands down. There is an anointing. He deceived angels in the presence of God, Satan came to Jesus, and attempted to sway Jesus, the first time, he didn’t quote a Scripture, then when Jesus replied him, he took Him to the mountain, then the third time, he quoted scripture, they shall keep thee charge. It is not the quoting of scripture that brings victory my brother, my sister.
That’s why Satan can be in a meeting, a demon can be with someone, a pastor is preaching, an anointed man is preaching, the demon is joining the person who is inside, listening too. Say hallelujah, he’s clapping, he doesn’t stop you. And all of a sudden, something happens, and the same demons starts jumping out. Didn’t he fear the praise and worship? How many times did they yell the name of Jesus? Shout Jesus everybody, you shouted Jesus, he was still there quiet, that’s how you can share the grace, the grace of our Lord Jesus, he will share it with you, and leave too.
Listen, the most important part of you that Satan wants, is not your body, the most important part of you that Satan wants is not your spirit, the most important part of you that Satan wants is your “mind.” Understand this! Your mind interfaces, your body and your spirit. When Satan gets your mind, he gets two for one, he gets your body, and your spirit. This is the Bible, I’m showing you because, for years I kept wondering why it liked like Satan was not afraid of many things, about God. You close your Bible, and lie down on it and sleep, yet the demons come and press you. How many of you have fasted three(3) days dry, and on the third(3) day, you had a wicked dream, demons came and oppress you, you’ve not even broken the fast, you spend time blasting in tongues, and you came to us men of God and we said you don’t have faith, it’s a lie, it’s a lie.
There are not many things, Satan is afraid of, I’ve listed some of them for you. We think he fears everything, no sir. Satan is never afraid of the presence of God, he’s only afraid of what the presence of God does to you, you! Not the presence of God. There are people who make this Bible in publishing homes, that are currently filled with demons inside them, yet they’re publishing Bibles.
I have ministered deliverance to pastor’s, mighty men and women of God, with power, who are also anointed themselves to deliver people. The mystery of strongholds. That Satan captures territories, and captures individuals, by doing something to their minds, this is what is called witchcraft, here’s what Paul said, “oh! Foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?”
Not about drinking blood, and eating flesh, he sells a proposition to you, in a way and manner that will force you to receive it, and by it, you give up the power. Do you know, if Jesus saw that kingdom, and did that, Satan, would rather collect salvation, and give him kingdom. Remember, Jesus was about to be corronated after His death, to be given a name that is above all names, both of things in Heaven, on Earth, and under the earth. And Satan said, let me give you on Earth. It looked like a wonderful idea, are we together?
So Paul says, “we are not unaware, of his, not his power, Satan has many devices, many! Many! Many devices. From the word “stratomi,” devices! Different ways, he can come up with all kinds of plans, to manipulate the minds of believers. This is Jesus, Satan stands before God, and talks to God, and God still respected the freewill of Satan.
Listen, I’m going to tell you something, I know that I’ve attacked so many things today, and many people now will insult me again because of all of these. But, let me tell you this, I love the Body Of Christ, but I want you to be powerful. For many years, we were thought that Satan can never access the presence of God, it’s a lie, it’s a lie, it’s not true, there was no place for him found in Heaven, means that, the office he occupied, was no longer there. But he could access the presence of God. He still can. In the new testament, or atleast, in the ministry of Jesus. Satan came to Jesus many times, he came to Jesus in Peter, he came to Jesus in Judas, he came to Jesus by himself, he was not afraid.
It is not the presence of God that scares, so that you have the Holy Spirit inside you, and people say there’s no way Satan can come close to you, be careful. Jesus, Luke chapter 4 verse 1, was full of the Holy Ghost, and yet Satan came to him, after fasting. You would think the fasting would have driven him away, is that true? But after, the fasting was attracting him, and he came, but there was something Jesus did. He didn’t just say it is written, it is written, what was Satan looking for? Remember, that whole thing was about words and information, there is an information, and Jesus gave him another information, the moment he found out that Jesus was informed, the Bible says, he withdrew.
So when Satan comes to you, he does not search, he searches for information, what do you have, what residue of mystery do you have, what do you know about him, and what don’t you know about him, and he can manipulate you, and beat you hands down.
Brothers and sisters, what does Satan tell a man, that’s makes him to join occult? What does Satan tell a man, that he can carry his child, and slaughter the child, and while blood is coming out, he’s laughing. Satan was not there holding the knife, the influence, was the strength of the man, by himself. Satan only left him with an information, and went to bed, and that man slaughter’s the child.
What does Satan tell a man, that he dedicates a whole land to Satan? An intelligent man! Look at Jezebel, look at Jezebel! Under her watch, the powers that be, if you serve God Almighty, you have to go on hiding. The prophets of baal were flourishing, because a woman, who sat on the seat of government, could manipulate the minds. Look at what Satan did to herodias, a small girl dances before a man, and then a man comes and says, what do you want, even of it’s up to half of my kingdom, I would give you. Is that normal?
Listen, one of the ways, Satan has destroyed our lives, and our families, is through witchcraft. But, it is not witchcraft as we know. He uses our imaginations and distracts us into thinking, it is just the drinking blood part of it, and the old woman there. Whereas, the true point of access, of victory, is something that he does to our minds, and our imaginations to keep us too. Why does Satan love pictures, why do you go to bed, and Satan uses pictures of your own mother, to come and strangle you, and you get up in the morning, he never told you anything, you just went to bed, and saw the face of your mother, and you got up, and went to a prophet, and then Satan now shows a true Prophet, the face of your mother too, and he confirms with what he sent to you in the dream, and says, your mother is a witch. And you’re a powerful prayer warrior, yet you walk around, believing, your mother is a witch. Are you getting what I’m telling you?
The anointed Cherub! He was not just a musician, no! No! He was not just a musician. There was an anointing on Satan for unusual influence over the minds of people. That’s what we call “mimshach.”
That anointing you see was given to Satan, God still gives it to men. Are we together?
This is not just some…hm hm. When you see any man commanding strange dimensions of influence, and getting loyalty over the minds of people, whether in the circular, whether in the Christiandom, it is that same anointing. That is operational.
A wicked man, like Sir Dam Use, look at terrorists, can you imagine, there are still people enrolling in terrorists groups today, young boys would sit down and say I want to become, ahba! Someone goes to school, and studies medicine for six(6) years, and just donates himself. Is that normal? There is a grace.
That was the Grace that Jesus put on this disciples, unlearned men, and in one day, the Bible says, they were caught in the heart, men and brethren, what do we do? And from that day, to death, they stayed with Him, thesame Grace that Satan used to deceive one third (1/3) of the angels that fell. All power, am not saying to use demon powers and all of this, I’m explaining something powerful to you. That when God wants to give you influence, He gives you an anointing, that does something to the minds of men. That, that is the kind of anointing, that people go to the occult, and say I want to start a business, listen! And they bargain with Satan, the spirit of the antichrist, they won’t tell you!
Listen, let me tell you this, if you’re in this kingdom, there is a metre on earth, that watches the rising of men, there is a level where if you’re rising in life, and Satan is not aware, he will come to you, trust me, he would come to you and say, I see that you’re doing something notable on earth, and you have by pass me, what is the issue? We can negotiate, and it will continue, most people will never tell you, I don’t care whether you’re a man of God, or you’re a businessman, there is is level on this Earth you cannot rise to, until you go through Luke 4 experience. Satan must come, he will find a way of coming to you.
I shared with you years ago, one night, when I was praying, in the Spirit in the night, and all of a sudden, I saw that my, the zinc everything just opened up, and I saw a strange creature, the eyes were as big as the head of a man. And I saw it, the tail was another living thing, and it was fuming and looking at me, and it said, you think you can bring God’s people to a place of abundance? I shared that encounter, he will come.
The realm of the Spirit watches the progress of men, there is a level where if you’re rising and playing around, it doesn’t threaten hell, but when you get to a level, they will come, I assure you. Everybody you see, who has risen without God, knows what I’m telling you, they would act like they don’t know it, from businessmen, to investors, to heads of government, to presidents, there are positions you can never rise, until that negotiation is sealed.
Look at Solomon, what happened to Solomon, after offering a thousand burnt offerings, God too came to him, and said Solomon, let’s do something, only two of them knew, if not that Solomon told you, you will just know that he got up in the morning, strange influence, nobody rises like that, it’s a lie, there must be a visitation.
I want to be great, in the name of Jesus, I will be greater than Bill Gates, get ready for Luke 4, something will happen. Do you know why I’m saying this, because some of you would be surprised, day two(2) of this fast, while you’re fasting, you go to bed in the night, and here comes your ancient, one idol in your family, that has not appeared in hundred (100) years, he comes to you and says what is going on in this Koinonia you are part of, then it says, your father was a rich man, do you know what made him rich? And you say, I know he went to Harvard, and it says nonsense! Let me tell you there was a negotiation, I hear that this young man is teaching you something, are you ready to agree with me and no government can stand you, or will you negotiate and I frustrate you. And you say Satan, is it not this anointing, there is a God, the giver of all Grace, access to the minds of people.
Listen! What happened in Babylon, when those three(3) boys were rising, Satan was uncomfortable, and because he, he acts out his will by men, everytime you start rising, watch what happens to the men around you. Have you not seen that some of you, as you are coming to this fast now, those who were at peace with you, started quarrelling, fighting you, there is something happening in the realm of the Spirit.
You make up your mind, I’m going to marry right, I’m going to live right, and then you’re walking, Satan does not disturb you, but there is a level, you’re a man of God, you’re rising, anointing, you’re winning souls, a day will come, you will have strange visitations, and Satan would say look, you’re not the only man of God that is rising, we can negotiate this. I won’t disturb your assembly, you would grow with wild fire, but, you are part of those kingdoms that he showed Jesus. There are people who nothing’s stops them on earth, because the factor to stop them, has negotiated with them. So there life would be so easy, and you will look at them and say, ah ah what is this? And Satan would say likewise, go and ask any rich man you know, you first talk about this, they will turn and say don’t disturb me, they know, it’s not a lie. Whether young or old, I’m not talking about, 1 million, 20 million, go and meet somebody, they will tell you.
There is nobody that rises to certain influence without bowing to someone, it has to be God, or Satan. The power of strongholds!
That Satan can capture your mind, when he captures your mind, you have bowed to him, it’s not by doing this, that means thesame way, when you will your mind to God, and say this is an instrument, oh Lord, put something upon my mind, put something upon my life, all of a sudden, an anointing comes upon your mimd, and my brother, my sister, your life will be a sign and a wonder even to you, men will look at you and say, chai, this things is not normal, it’s true, it’s not normal, it can’t be normal.
You see what is going on in this ministry, we will be foolish to imagine it’s normal, no! No! The mystery of strongholds.
He says, pulling down strongholds, what strongholds, that by birth, Satan has programmed Zaria, already since, Satan has programmed Nigeria since. Listen! Satan does not just go around, just chasing you, he’s too busy to look for you, there is already a programming, as you are between ten(10) – fifteen (15), there is one that kicks off, between fifteen (15) – twenty (20), there is, it kicks off till you become an old man. And Paul say, if you want to fight warfare, don’t just cast spirits alone, if you want to fight warfare, attack the programming.
Something has happened to you, that’s why the people in your village, behave thesame way, no spirit directly appears to them, everyone in your village is angry, it’s not just that an individual demon is running, a programming happened.
You enter a territory, and all the ladies from 13, 14, 15, all pregnant, no matter how nice they are, it’s a programming. And he says, you are not free, that means, I can cast a demon from you, that demon will go, but when the stronghold, that mindset is there, the demon still calls you home, it goes through desert regions, and say there are no human beings here, and returns back and sits down, and calls others more greater that it is, and the Bible says, the end of that man, will be worst than the beginning.
So he(Paul) said, let this mind be in you, let this mind be in you, there is something Satan has programmed, that will never allow any, that’s why Satan, when Satan does that programing, he will let you go to church, because he knows the kind of pastor you will meet, so he’s not afraid. Go, go, go, go for the conference, go for the convention, and you can fast for ten(10) days, and he won’t disturb you, pray! Fast! he already knows what he has gotten.
But by the time, a man of God begins to talk to you, about this stronghold, then you start seeing agitations, he will start coming, you’re touching a nerve that matters in the spirit. What is going on here, who is teaching this, why?
Do you know how you have been called out of every tribe, and tongue, and nation? Not just because you’re born again, but that you have been given access, there is an anointing that can teach you, it can start teaching you something new, that is not in agreement with what Satan has programmed you in to be.
And all of a sudden, your life will begin to close the door for darkness to find expression. Jesus said “Satan cometh to me, and does not find anything of himself.” That means he put something of himself in everyone, so as he keeps moving around, over a territory, he’ll say, I see, these are my people, he identifies you by what he put in you, but he looked at Jesus and said why are you different? he looked at Babylon, and saw everyone with it, but he saw three(3) Hebrew boys, he said no, destroy these three(3) boys, why did they, that’s it’s like the mark of the beast. He put it in everyone.
So you’re born, you’re, you can be educated, be as educated as you want to be, marry, have children, but that programmed, remains there.
But in this week of seven(7) days prayer and fasting (2018), my brother, my sister, the mistake Satan made, was to allow you to be part of this program. Because sometimes will, there, listen, listen, this thing I teach you, is that old wine skin, that God must take away, the problem is not just the wine, the wine skin itself, cannot take what God is doing.
Let me tell you this, if Satan could kill me, that would be his number one(1) assignment. To kill this guy, let him just die, and let this thing be over.
When you know this about Satan, you will pass him like this and he will pass you, I tell you the truth, it’s true.
He came to Jesus, did not find anything of himself, and he kept waiting, how do I manipulate. So Satan’s job on earth, it’s not just to come to individuals oh, it’s to watch over territories and governments. All the captains of industries, all without exemption, all! All people of influence, there has been a fraternity, with a spirit somewhere, either the Spirit of the Lord God Almighty, or this mystery, that I’m telling you.
Luke chapter 4 is a reality that must happen before any kind of influence is established on Earth.
He(Satan) said all these have been given unto me, and I would give anybody I choose, did you hear Satan say that, so don’t be surprised, when a musician sings nonsense, and all of a sudden, two(2) million copies sell in one month. That anointing, was out upon that record label, he sang rubbish, but you listen to it, you don’t even want to dance, and soon you find out that you’re shaking your head. Something is wrong with you. That music is doing something, you don’t want to listen, but you put it in your phone, and, save it as gospel music, in the night yjut just quietly listen. And as you’re listening, that re-programming is happening again.
This thing, is not the issue of just spirits chasing you, no, this is an issue of something, a mindset, a stronghold, their job is just to supervise, because they know it will always be with you. It’s with you while you study, it’s with you while you graduate, the moment you become the CEO of a company, Satan laughs, because, all those one hundred and thirty people in that company, have through that stronghold, come under his influence. This is what makes him the prince of darkness. That guy you see, is still using his anointing.
Go and meet Satan today, and tell him, give me an anointing, an anointing to sing, or dance, or do whatever, agree with him, the plan is going to be, make sure, at every point, you find a way of capturing these people to me. So, he gives you influence, then you give them back. Read Revelations 13, they bowed to the antichrist, you see that now, who now worships the beast. So Satan would not come directly, he would send you, like a businessman would send someone in front to be doing business for him, but, it’s his own. So this lady, all of a sudden, Satan now says, and there are other agents on earth, so they know who is initiated. So immediately, they work things out for you, if it’s capital you need, you get it fast, if it’s access to record labels, you get it fast, within one month, your album is everywhere.
And you who is a believer, I won’t bow to Satan but no spiritual intelligence, not only would you not move, they will crush you intentionally.
You want to become a millionaire? Luke 4, warfare. That’s why I tell you, is not the issue of business, you can do all the business you want, a day would come, you will get to a level, that you will see people in the bank looking at you, they all know themselves. You travel somewhere, they look at you in the plane, that’s why they ask you a question, what do you do? What do you do, they’re not stupid, they’re saying, are we together, are we a team, and you say no, I’m from another camp, how did you get here? How did you get here?
This our dull world, where the devil keeps manipulating, and men, just look and say, you mean it, you are twenty-six(26) and you’re a billionaire? Didn’t you go to school? Who rises like that?
Look at all these guys, producing garbages, everything they produce must work, because they have sold not just their soul, but their minds, have you heard about that selling your soul? It’s not your spirit, you take your mind and say, Satan this is the bargain, give me influence, and I give you men. And so he puts that anointing on you.
That’s why, when people see young people like us, and see what God is doing, because, they know, they will look at you like a suspect, and say could it be, that you too, you have received something from those people.
Are you seeing why the influence of Jesus, disturb some people, crowds, followed him to the mountain, everywhere, and the scribes sat down and said, something is wrong oh, this Guy is running us out of business. And so they concluded, that the answer is to kill him. And the Bible calls it “the hidden wisdom of God,” God planned it that way, they were skimming His killing, to the point that they were willing to release Barabbas, Barabbas that was a notorious criminal, they say we rather release him, we can always capture his mind again, but let’s kill this Jesus.
Listen, do you know why I’m teaching you this, there is something about your life, that Satan is already seeing, they are watching you everywhere, ah, nobody has risen like this normally in your village, and all of a sudden, you’re rising, you’re even fasting, seven(7) days, and in your mind, you believe, as you’re fasting, you’re driving all of them. Very soon, you will begin to have encounters, and the devil would come like Luke 4, and try to tell you, look, let make this job easy for you, I know what you’re looking for, is it not admission, is it not greatness, is it not influence, is it not this, we can negotiate it. To you, you just had a dream, I had a dream, and that’s it, and you get up, anybody that stops you, just dies, and you think you’re powerful, one day, the devil would remind you, that I’ve been backing you up for twenty(20) years, it’s time to give something back now, and my demand is your first born, and your wife.
The Bible says, “mark the wicked,” something will always happen in their lives, that will let you know, this was not normal.
Go and give this message, to a very wealthy businessman, when he listens, he will pieces the cassette, and throw it away, and tell you, this is, be careful with all these young boys. Be very careful. Be careful! Are you listening to what I’m teaching you? Because we’re going to pray.
A stronghold is not just demonic, a stronghold, is an information, that has become a programming in your mind. That makes you loyal to the sender. The sender of that, a stronghold is like a chain, that holds your mind. And so, Satan captures men like this. That’s why the greatest miracle that can happen to you, is ths opening of your understanding. I keep telling you this, the Bible says, “then open he there understanding,” the miracle that needs to happen to you tonight, my brother, my sister, is not just the miracle of healing the sick, there is something that happens to your mind, and, that sickness will go, there is something that will not happen to your mind, and you may be healed tonight, and by next week, it has come back. Casting down every imagination, and every high thing, that exhaults itself, above the knowledge of Christ. Bringing every thought, look at me. This is where it is, this is where your poverty is, this is where the suffering is, this is what strengthens the curses to work, there is something that has been programmed, that makes you, even if a man of God says that you are free, all of a sudden, the devil knows that, he’s still in your mind, and he will show you one dream, that takes you back. He knows, he is a master manipulator.
Satan! From whence cometh thou? From moving to and fro the earth, doing what? Just going around kingdoms, and seeing, which kingdom belongs to me, ah, this one does not belong to me, okay, who are the kings in that kingdom, and he captures them, and then leaves the kingdom, then go to another one. This is his work. This is his work. But in the next few minutes, we are going to pray.
I don’t know about you, but listen, this is where God brought me freedom, I saw people in my lineage, I saw people where I came from, have you not seen the way people’s result remain the same regardless of vocation, some are even pastor’s, whatever, it is still thesame. Stronghold! But he say, the weapons of our warfare.
He will let you do your business, provided, that mindset is there, continue doing it, he will give you access, but that you want to route it another way, not him, you must fight a fight of warfare.
The governments, the systems of this world. Listen, listen, you are a civil servant, no problem, do your thing, they promote you, first promotion, that’s alright, second promotion, that’s alright, by the time you get to the third promotion, you will find out that, people who should not be taking about your issue would say come oh, it is after the third promotion, now say, but this person is Igbo, it’s a lie, it’s not Igbo anything, there are people who are under the influence of, that’s the devil, pulling that string. Do something, this guy is not for us. If you allow him rise, he would recruit people, because if you allow him rise, he would be in a board meeting with all the executives, and he will play a message, and there is power in that message, they will hear, and when they get born again, they will go back to their sub units, and do thesame thing.
Let me tell you something, Satan can loose a territory, if those above surrender to God. Satan can loose a territory in one (1) week. The secret to world evangelization, or world dominion, is not just evangelism, is influence. That’s why when Jesus was preaching, everytime he saw an influential man, He stopped, He saw the centurion He said no, no, no, let me go, He saw Zacchaeus, He said Zacchaeus, you have influence, you are a tax collector, you are the head of CBN, come down, I’m going to your house. Because by visiting you, something will happen to that territory.
Listen! Satan does not work the way we think he is, that he pursues you as an individual, he doesn’t have that time, do you know what it takes for Satan to zoom his attention on you? No… He just puts little demons around to supervise what he has done. When you are about deviating here, they just coordinate you, ine sickness, one headache, just to bring you back, like a buffer solution.
But Satan himself, he’s on earth, Satan is on earth, my question is, who now is in his mind. That’s the person you should respect. Who now, is giving Satan sleeplessness, when Satan comes to Zaria, if he’s to talk to one person, who will it be? Who is Satan so threatened, my assignment is to make you that person.
That there is something about your understanding, that the moment you go home, in two weeks, everyone who is not saved, is saved, doors are opened, and they say what is all these, we believe in bowing down to a shrine, but you came to this house, and favour started coming.
Listen! This is what happened, when God wanted to lift Joseph, all the diviners, had a formula for getting answers, and God shut the Heaven, and said, Joseph go! The people were surprised, the king was disappointed, you are my wise men, you are my sorcerers and you could not interpret my dream, and the Lord brought Joseph, and they were watching, ready to laugh, like Jannes and Jembez, that’s why they were surprised, Moses where did you come from, who taught you how to turn a rod, he said, I met with another Man, I had an encounter.
The anointed Cherub, that covereth, like an eagle spread her wings, he covers businesses, he covers great men, he covers husbands, he covers wives, he covers families, and says, nobody comes within this circumference, without making allegiance to me. So Paul says, when you about to fight warfare, don’t just focus on that spirit, try to find out what is the name of the spirit, the spirit too is on assignment, the real thing to conquer, is the programming. Is someone ready to pray tonight? Open your mouth and begin to blast in tongues.
Pray in the Spirit!
Hold somebody’s hands, say after me, in the name of Jesus, every hand writing, every ordinance, every programming, over my lineage, over my territory, over my mind, I command you, be destroyed now! Open your mouth and pray!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Listen! The Bible says, there is a kind of programming, that can make The Word of God, of none effect. In other words, even if you prophesy to those people, in the name of Jesus, let your life change, that, that programming, can, fight the potency, it’s true.
I like you to pray, and say every mindset, say it again, every mindset, that was in my father, that was in my mother, that was responsible, for their low life, for their defeat, and it’s in me now, by the blood of Jesus, I come against you. Lift your voice and pray.
Hallelujah, hallelujah! Say in the name of Jesus, I announce to principalities, and powers, that in Christ, I have been called out, of every tribe, every nation, every covenant, every ordinance, therefore, I declare, I would not bow, to Satan, yet I will prosper, yet I will rise, yet I will be lifted. Open your mouth and prophesy.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Now listen, I just spoke to you about this anointing, you know why the Bible says, I will multiply them, they will not be few, I will glorify them, listen, there is an anointing, that if God puts on your mind, that idea must expand! No, that’s how it works. There is an anointing, that if God puts on your ministry, it will bring people under loyalty, to the vision that God has given you.
Listen! You are a businessman, without this anointing, you products would not go far, I tell you this. I like you to say, in the name of Jesus, the anointing, that brings influence, the anointing, for performance, the anointing, for expansion, I receive it now. Lift your voice and pray.
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, listen, look at me, look at me, what is it about a message, from a ministry in Zaria, that somebody will collect it in the U.S, in the U.K and his assignment is to make sure, everybody hears it. You too think, what is it that would make a taxi driver, driving and Koinonia message is playing. That you go to fix your phone, and, without your permission, someone transfers messages. There is an anointing, there is a Grace.
We are going to pray this thing oh, don’t be foolish, because, let me tell you this, this is why many people remain small. It’s not by travelling abroad, it’s by what you’re carrying, having wings in the spirit. There is a Grace, that gives the works of your hands, wings. You will be in a cave like Elisha, and Naaman would come and look for you. He said gentiles shall come to your light, and kings, you won’t go to them, this anointing would draw them. Lift your voice and call it. Pray!
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!
Lift your hands everybody, in the name of Jesus, I bless you, I command by the anointing of the Spirit of God, go with this strange anointing right now, go and increase and multiply, I decree and declare, that from tonight, the Grace of God is at work in you, in the name of Jesus Christ!
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

Original Sermon: The Mystery Of Strongholds – Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak
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