The Deep Calleth (part 2)

I want you to know that though we are all believers, the divine responsibility is not the same on every one. A man was given one talent; another two, and another five talents; do you think they have the same level of responsibility?

The expectation of God over the man with five talents is more than the rest of them. His level of labour will not be the same. Whereas somebody needs to only labour on one talent, he needs more energy and more time to labour on five talents. So because of this, the DEEP begins to beckon on him right from a tender age.
“You can’t live your life the way you wanted; you have a divine mandate over you. You have been assigned to be a saviour who would even rescue other saviours. You are the mighty man of valour that your family and your generation waits for. Hear the call of the deep,” says the Lord of host.

You’ll realize that, at a very tender age, you just couldn’t engage in some atrocities other people did. The day you tried to sneak out of the school with them, was the day you were all caught.
The first time you thought of cheating was the day you were caught and beaten mercilessly. But why is it that others go Scot free but you don’t? You have been assigned a saviour over them.

Your first time of tasting alcohol was a terrible day because your parents perceived the odour and gave you a huge punishment. It just appears as if somebody was monitoring your life. Yes, its very true; you have been marked in the realm of God and you cannot do what others do.

All of a sudden, all your friends began to desert you. You would mostly be alone because you have no one to talk to. Yes, that’s the second stage of the call from the deep; THE STAGE OF SEPARATION AND ISOLATION.
Go and ask David, he was left alone to tend their father’s sheep in the forest. Ask Samuel, he could not enjoy the benefit of parenting for long before he was given out to Eli.
Ask Joseph, he was transported from his comfort zone into slavery and into prison. Ask Moses how he was divinely sent out the palace as a potential king and he became a hired shepherd boy for 40 years.

Apostle Selman once narrated how people deserted and mocked him for having a fungi disease that ate up his head. He mentioned how he would stay at the Dam from morning till night, waiting on the Holy Spirit, who was his only companion.
Friends, you have been marked by the realm of eternity; I urge you to yield to the call of deep. The journey may seem lonely and painful but the end is rewarding.

This is the voice of Yahweh. THE DEEP CALLETH…

Source: Steven Olayiwola.

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